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The use of WPS word processing Office documents, in addition to the familiar outline view, Web view and full screen display, there are many details of the view of the presentation is often ignored by us, if we can be good at applying these view details, can give our document production and reading process to bring pleasure and efficiency.

1. Line number position no longer difficult

When dealing with some documents, we tend to cross-reference each other and often need to refer back and forth to the contents of some of the lines before and after, so that the positioning of the row becomes very important. What can you do if you want to return to a previous row or a few lines from the line you are currently editing? How do you remember where the lines need to be referenced? If you encounter two very similar but different rows, will not be confused by the reference wrong?

In the new WPS text, if we can make good use of line number, we can solve this problem. Through the Page Layout tab, click on the "line number" button next to the small Triangle drop-down menu, from which to select a line number display, then each line of the document will be given a specific number, need to refer to, just remember a certain or a few line numbers, you can quickly locate the target.

(Figure 1: Select how line numbers are displayed)

Small tips:

If you want to quickly go to a row, you can press the key combination ctrl+g to open the Find and Replace window and automatically open the Positioning tab, where you can click "Line" and then enter the line number in the right text box, and click the "Locate" button to quickly locate the line.

(Figure 2: Quick positioning with line numbers)

2. The mode change saves the eye to maximize

A friend who reads E-books on a mobile phone must know the nighttime patterns and eye-care patterns offered by many reading software. These models are designed for readers to read in the night or special environment, the anti-white mode is suitable for night reading, and red bean paste green or sheepskin color, etc. are more eye-protection effect.

In the WPS text, we can also use this eye-protection mode and night mode. Simply upgrade your own WPS text to the latest version, open the document you want to read, and then go to the Features tab and click on the "Eye protection mode" or "Night Mode" button on the toolbar to switch to the eye care mode you need.

(Figure 3: Open night mode or eye protection mode)

Small tips:

In addition to using the toolbar buttons, we can turn on or off the two special reading modes directly using the eye-protection mode or the night mode switch on the status bar. Night mode or eye care mode can also be turned on or off through the View tab.

3. Split window comparison more convenient

To sign a contract, you may have to refer to the information of both parties at the beginning of the final inscription. So, are you sure you want to scroll the document to the beginning of the text, and then scroll to the end of the document? What if you read the wrong word?

In fact, we can open the window split function, so that the same document in the two windows each part of the display, so the reference and edit, there will not be the above we say that the wrong word.

Splitting a window is easy, simply by switching to the View tab in an open article, clicking the Split Window button on the toolbar, and selecting the split (horizontal split or vertical split), the window is divided into two parts. Click on the cursor to each window, will need to edit the reference document scroll to the appropriate location for reference editing.

(Figure 4: Split window against Edit)

Small tip:

To cancel a window split, simply click the "Remove Split" button that appears on the toolbar.

4. Show reading more image

If your monitor is large enough and has a clear resolution, you can try to display the contents of the document in a way that looks like a more traditional page-facing effect. To achieve a two-page display, simply click on the "two-page" button on the "View" tab. Click on the "single page" button to return to the single page display.

(Figure 5: Read more images off the show)

Small tip:

Two-page display can also be used to view page layouts. If the page display font is too small, you can click the "page width" button to enlarge the display, you can use the "100%" or "Zoom" button to define the display scale.

5. Ruler Grid sketch Good assistant

Drawing some sketches in a document is also one of the things we often do. When drawing sketches, the size or alignment of some elements is difficult to grasp, and if we choose to turn on ruler and grid lines through the view panel, it is helpful to draw the positioning and size of the graphic.

(Figure 6: Opening rulers and gridlines drawing)

Small tip:

Expand the Shapes tool Gallery on the right panel to select rich graphic parts to provide sufficient raw material for your drawing.

6. Clear your head and make good use of structure chart

The article is long, and there is no structural framework that would appear very confusing. Therefore, it is very important to straighten out the clues. In the WPS text, through "chapter navigation" can help us clarify the article in time.

Simply click on the Chapter navigation button in the Chapters tab and open the article structure navigation bar on the left side of the article. It includes styles for cover pages, catalogs, body parts, and so on. We can refine the structure of the article by applying a style. The missing content can be added to the complete by adding here.

(Figure 7: Navigating through chapter navigation to clarify the article)

Small tips:

The status bar allows you to view the number of words in a document. If you can't show it, just click in the status bar blank and select Word Count.

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