Use TinyMCE small tip-in to solve the Chinese language pack

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TINYMCE is a well-designed open source WYSIWYG rich text box JavaScript control. We can download the code for free on the internet.

TINYMCE can be easily integrated into any development environment, while also supporting multiple language packs.

However, in the specific use of the process, or need more careful settings, such as set a good TinyMCE language pack, in the when the use is always not normal, can not strive to read the language package content.

Careful study found that the original is because the 2.0 default HttpResponse output encoding is utf-8, rather than Chinese gb2312, or GB18030, Hz so the settings are correct, but the page is executed when the error occurs, The problem of not correctly reading the configuration of the language pack.

We can add to the load process of the page class if the SET statement can solve the problem

response.contentencoding = encoding.getencoding ("gb2312")

After recompiling, the contents of the Chinese language resource bundle can be read normally.

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