Use VBA to automatically send emails to outlook

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This is a blog worthy of special record. It finally gets stuck with development and has a small application related to VBA.

Some time ago, some friends asked me how to use VBA to automatically send emails to outlook,

I remember when I was outsourcing work to Japan, I wrote similar gadgets,

As a result, VBA was written in EXCEL. Notes and notes are embedded in ExcelVBA in Japanese,

Opening an office in Chinese looks at garbled code, but the code can be executed, which is a little uncomfortable;

During this business trip, I installed a virtual machine and found a Japanese system image.

Many of the jobs involved in outsourcing work to Japan are very repetitive,

As a technical employee, if you are interested, take some time to summarize,

In this way, we can achieve a lot of time that can save a lot of repetitive work.

For example, in some outsourcing tasks, offshore outsourcing personnel perform inspection work for foreign company personnel,

After inspection, you must send some fixed-format emails;

The annoying situation is that some routine inspection reports are required during Chinese holidays. So, you know;

In other cases, we want to pretend that we are responsible for our work and are still working very late,

For example, emails are sent around a.m., emails are still being written at a.m., and emails are also written online at a.m,

So, you know.

An automatic mail function is likely to be required. Of course, this function is suitable for the company,

You can also perform some changes at home,

For example, you can send a special-code email to your company to trigger its response for separate processing.

There are actually a lot of people who have such ideas, but the domestic network atmosphere, you know,

There are not many people who are willing to write practical things on the Internet. More often, they are copying each other,

In addition, if you do not know the meaning of a word, you can simply forward it;

Even a craftsman, even a practitioner, does not need to be so impetuous.

Some people may say, What Is VBA? How simple is it to use C #? It is a ready-made method and can be called directly.
I think my personal reasons are as follows:
1. I don't. I don't want to install. net;
2. I stubbornly think that most outsourcing jobs can be easily solved by using office + VBA + regular expressions;
3. Convenient reuse and modification of VBA;
4. It is very low-key to use VBA;

Let's take a look at the implementation process of automatic mail.

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