Use vcenter Operations Manager for Horizon to monitor the view environment (2)

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In the previous article, we learned about the structure and required conditions of vcenter Operations Manager for horizon. Here we will look at how to install and configure vcenter operations manager. Then, install and configure the adapter and client in the subsequent articles, and finally manage and monitor the view environment.

Connect to the vcenter server using the vsphere client. Select File --> deploy ovf template. Enter the path of the vcenter operations manager. ovf file.

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Click Next to view the detailed information of the ovf template. Check that the template version is 5.8.2.

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Click Next to read and accept the license agreement calculated by the end user.

Enter the Template Name and installation location.

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Click Next and enter the configuration capacity in the next interface. The default value is small. On the next page, select the host or cluster that runs vcenter operations manager. Then select the resource pool.

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On the next page, select the target storage location, and then the disk format, network and network allocation policies. Finally, enter the attributes of the application, including the static IP addresses of the UI and analytics virtual machines.

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Check all the configurations again and click Finish. After vsphere is deployed, start the entire vapp. Congratulations! Your vcenter Operations Manager is successfully installed! Next we will complete the configuration.

First, open the browser and access https: // <UI Virtual Machine static IP address>/admin to log on to the home page of vcenter operations manager. The username and password are admin by default. The Configuration Wizard is displayed during the first logon.

Enter the vcenter server information for managing the UI and analytics virtual machines. Click Next.

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Click Next to confirm that no data needs to be imported, and then confirm whether there are other vcenter servers connected, click Finish to complete the configuration.

Run the vcenter client, connect to the vcenter server, and select Home> licensing. Select asset in the view by option on the page. Right-click vcenter operations manager and select change license key. Enter a new license or introduce an existing license.

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At this point, we have completed the installation and deployment of vcenter operations manager. Next, we need to install and configure the adapter and view to connect to the client on the server. Well, let's get rid of it.

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Use vcenter Operations Manager for Horizon to monitor the view environment (2)

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