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1. Role of virtual memory

The computer has a great role in the computer. All the running programs in the computer need to be executed through the memory. If the program is large or large, it will cause the memory to be exhausted. To solve this problem, the virtual memory technology is used in Windows, that is, some hard disk space is used as the memory. When the memory is used up, the computer will automatically call the hard disk to act as the memory, to ease memory shortage. For example, if the computer only has MB of physical memory, a large virtual memory is required to read a file with a capacity of MB, after the file is read by the memory, it is first stored in the virtual memory. After the memory stores all the files in the virtual memory, then, the files stored in the virtual lining will be released to the original installation directory. Next, let's take a look at how to set the virtual memory.

2. Virtual Memory settings

The virtual memory is mainly set to two points, namely the memory size and paging location. The memory size is the minimum and maximum value of the virtual memory; the paging position is to set the virtual memory to use the hard disk space in that partition. How can we get the minimum and maximum values for memory size settings? You can use the following method: Select "Start> program> attachment> System Tool> system monitor" (if the system tool does not contain, you can use the Windows Installer in "Add/delete programs" to install the system monitor, and then select "Edit> Add project ", select "Memory Manager" in "type", and select "swap file size" in the list on the right ". In this way, as your operations show fluctuations in the value of the exchanged files, you can open frequently used programs and then use them, in this case, you can check the performance values in the system monitor. Because every time you use your computer, it is best to monitor swap files for a long time to find the values that best match your swap files, so as to ensure the system performance is stable and maintained at the best state.

After finding out the most appropriate range value, right-click "my computer" and select "properties" when setting the virtual memory. The System Properties window is displayed, and the "performance" tab is selected, click the "virtual memory" button below to bring up the virtual memory settings window. Click "user-defined virtual memory Settings" Single-choice button, and select a partition with a large available space for "Hard Disk, enter the appropriate range value in the "minimum" and "maximum" text boxes. If you feel it is troublesome to use the system monitor to obtain the maximum and minimum values, you can choose "manage Virtual Memory settings for Windows ".

3. Adjust the paging position

Windows 9x's virtual memory paging location is actually a virtual memory file (also called swap file) Win386.swp stored in the root directory of the C drive. Its storage location can be any partition, if the System disk C capacity is limited, we can adjust Win386.swp to another partition by enabling System in notepad. ini (C: Windows) file. In the [cmdenh] section, set "PagingDrive = C: WindowsWin

386. swp ", changed to the path of other partitions. If you put the swap file in D:, changed to" PagingDrive = D: Win386.swp ". If you do not have the preceding statement, you can directly type it.


For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you can select "Settings> advanced> change" in "Control Panel> system> advanced> performance" to open the virtual memory settings window, in the drive [volume label], the system partition is selected by default. to change it to another partition, you must first set the original partition to a non-paging file, then select another partition.


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