Use Virtualbox to install Win7 in Ubuntu12.10

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1. download the file 1. Download virtualboxhttps: // debpackage downloaded through gdebican be directly installed. GDebi can be installed through the following command: $ sudoapt-getinstallgdebigdebi-core2. Download win7 image Windows 7 flagship 32-bit SP

1. Download an object


Download virtualbox


The downloaded. deb package can be directly installed through GDebi.

You can run the following command to install GDebi:

$ Sudo apt-get install gdebi-core


Download win7 Image

Windows 7 flagship edition 32-bit SP1 (Service Pack 1)

Ed2k: // | file | cn_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_618763.iso | 2651877376 | d6a0d9fdb8c67a65b92b4c1ac197rjc |/

Windows 7 flagship edition 64-bit SP1 (Service Pack 1)

Ed2k: // | file | cn_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_618537.iso | 3419052032 | 56E90251E665E643C81168F6DD870BCB |/

In Ubuntu, you can use amule to download the win7 image file. amule can be downloaded in the Software Center. However, the speed is too slow. We recommend that you download it from other Windows systems through thunder, and then copy it to the Ubuntu system using the U disk.

2. Add a virtual hard disk


Go to virtualbox and click New.

Select a Windows system.

Click Next.


We recommend that you do not allocate more than half of the existing memory.


Create a virtual hard disk.

A hard disk is used to install and use Win7.


The default virtual hard disk file type is enough.


I chose dynamic allocation as needed.


We still need to consider how much to divide to Win7 based on our own hard disk.

I used online banking, word, and don't play any games. 30 GB is enough.

The modification path is the button marked in the figure. It is stored in the/home/main Folder/Virtualbox VMs by default.


Click Create to add the virtual disk.

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