Use Virtualenv in CentOS6.5 to build the Python3 Development Environment

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Use Virtualenv in CentOS6.5 to build the Python3 Development Environment

Problem description

Environment: CentOS6.5

To use Python3 for development in this environment, the default Python environment for CentOS6.5 is 2.6.6.
Previously, Python3 was directly installed from the source code to replace the existing development environment. However, during subsequent use, many scripts in the system depend on Python2.6. direct replacement may result in abnormal software.
Today, I found a friend using Virtualenv to build the Python3 development environment. It is recorded here for my reference.

Install Python3

The installation script is as follows:

Tar zxvf Python-3.4.3.tgz
Cd Python-3.4.3
./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local
Make & make altinstall

After running the preceding command, you can view the newly compiled environment in the/usr/local/bin/python3.4 directory.

Note: here we use make altinstall. If you use make install, you will see two different versions of Python in the/usr/bin/directory. This will lead to a lot of problems and will be difficult to solve.

Build python3 Development Environment

1. Run the following command to install virtualenv:

Pip install virtualenv

If pip is not installed, run the following command to install it:

Yum install python-pip

2. Create a virtual environment:

Virtualenv-p/usr/local/bin/python3.4 py34env

After executing the preceding command, the py34env folder is created in the current directory, which is the virtual environment we created.

3. Activate the virtual environment:

Source py34env/bin/activate

3.1 install ipython in a Virtual Environment

Pip install ipython

3.2 start ipython in a virtual environment:


4. Exit the Virtual Environment


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