Use vmwarevm to migrate existing servers and networks (4)

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2-4 Distribution of ghost console-distribution of pre-migrated server images to virtual machines)
This section describes how to use ghost server distribution.
Server: Run ghostcast Server ProgramIn "sessiona name", enter a name such as Win98, which is called a "meeting" of the ghostcast server. Select "Restore image" to distribute it to the client, enter the file to be distributed in "Image File" (for example, the Image File Uploaded from the client in the previous section), click "more options>", and click "Accept clients, in the displayed dialog box, click "OK.
After connecting all clients, click "send" to distribute the connection. At this time, the server is in the waiting status.
The disks generated in section 2-2 use tools such as HD-COPY to create multiple backups that guide clients. After entering, select "ghostcast-> multicast" to go to the interface connecting to ghostcast, as shown in 7.

Figure 7 session information Figure 8 select Disk
Enter the meeting name of the current ghostcast server, such as Win98, select "Server IP Address", enter the server's TCP/IP address, and click "OK" to go to the target drive selection dialog box, 8. Select the target drive and click "OK. Click "OK" and then click "yes" in the pop-up dialog box. The client is in the waiting state.
Return to the server console to continue the operation.
Server: after the client is connected, click "send" at the ghostcast server to distribute the current image file to each client.
Client: the client automatically obtains data from the server, as shown in figure 9.

Figure 9 client receiving
After the client receives the data, it extracts the disk from the client drive to complete distribution.
Server: After the file is distributed, click OK to return to the ghostcase server program interface and close the ghostcast server program.

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