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Sometimes we have to choose between English and Chinese in word, what should we do? To automatically pick up all the English content in the document, Word certainly has no tools to deal with directly. Might as well change one thought--delete all the Chinese in the document, the rest is not English?

We can use Word special character search and replace function, enter "[!^1-^127]" in the lookup bar in the find replacement, the quotation marks (including square brackets) are all entered, the replacement column is empty, and then click the "More" button (in Word 2003, the "Advanced" button), Check the use of wildcard options, and then click "Replace All", the replacement will find all the Chinese disappeared, the rest is only English.

Note that this replacement is to remove the Chinese characters in the document, if the original text of the paragraph in the English language, but also need to be replaced after the check edit.

You may be interested in studying the advanced settings of Word replacement, and you will find that there are many very useful features here.

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