Use WordPress to build a new enterprise or blog website tutorial

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Preface  WordPress is an open source, well-known, with countless plugins and themes of well-known blog/cms PHP programs. Millions of of the world's websites are created or modified via WordPress. Now a lot of corporate websites use WordPress to build and manage their own corporate websites or blog sites. So for beginners, how to build their own blog, website? 1. Domain nameFor a website, the domain name is an entry, an ID number. As we all know Baidu, domain name is, so, you also need to have their own domain name. The domain name generally in 60 yuan about 1 years, the price is still relatively cheap. After registering your domain name, the DNS resolution service of the domain name is put into Dnspod or cloudxns, the concrete can contact customer service, very simple. 2. Host  What is a host? WordPress is a program, of course, is to put WordPress on a server to run WordPress. Select the appropriate virtual host it is important to recommend the sharp shell host:
    • High Online server rate (annual online rate between 95-99%, sharp shell host also has downtime compensation oh, how long, how long to compensate)
    • Operation panel All in Chinese (complete Chinese online operation, easy to get started)
    • One-click Install WordPress, do not have to set up their own database, a few seconds to build their own WordPress
    • Multiple front-end CDN, Hong Kong Japan Casual Choice
is not very strong, very suitable for beginners, minimum 100 yuan 1 years (send a permanent 90 percent discount code: RKIDC_9) 3. Select a ThemeWordPress has a very rich theme, choose a You like it! Enter WordPress backstage-"appearance-" installation of course you can also pay to buy more suitable for your business style and temperament theme. 4. ParsingNow the domain name has, the host has, the domain name resolves to your choice of front-end CNAME address, you are done! Enter your domain name in the browser to access your website! 5. OptimizationHow to optimize WordPress, make it faster, more in line with the domestic browsing experience it? -Block spam Reviews ( Akismet)-Remove the blocked Google fonts ( Disable Google Fonts)-Speeds up static resources for the site ( Wpjam Seven cow image storage)-static website, improve website speed ( WP Super CacheAfter installing the plug-ins above, the overall speed of your website will be increased. 6. End Sharp Shell host ( as a 2013 start-up hosting service provider, do our best to provide users with reliable and stable fast web hosting services, welcome you to come:)

Use WordPress to build a new enterprise or blog website tutorial

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