Use wse (Web Services Enhancements) to upload files from the server to the client

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For example, if site A has an attachment that we want to transmit to site B, we can use WSE to transmit it.
Write the webmethod to the webservice file service1.asmx on the server:
This is the method for obtaining the attachment:
Public void GetAttachment ()
// Get SoapContext as response message
SoapContext myContext = HttpSoapContext. ResponseContext;
// String, indicating the file name and path of the attachment.
String filePath = @ "C: My Documents1.txt ";
// Use the file name to create a new DIME attachment,
// And use the MIME media type
// Specify the attachment encoding.
DimeAttachment dimeImage = new DimeAttachment (
"Text/xml", TypeFormatEnum. MediaType,
FilePath );
// ID attribute specified for the DIME record.
DimeImage. Id = "1.txt ";
// Add the new DimeAttachment object to the SoapContext object.
MyContext. Attachments. Add (dimeImage );
Download the attachment from the client's web site and write it to the new file:
Private void DownAttachment ()
// Service1WSE: Microsoft. Web. Services. WebServicesClientProtocol the Service1 here inherits the class in WSE
Service1WSE sw = new Service1WSE ();
// Obtain the attachment from webservice
Sw. GetAttachment ();
// Obtain the stream of the attachment
Stream str = sw. ResponseSoapContext. Attachments [0]. Stream;
Int length = (int) str. Length;

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