Use Wubi to install Ubuntu 12

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Step 1: Use the disk partition to install ubuntu. (You can skip this step. This step is only for the convenience of file management and installation can be completed without other partitions !) First, we can use a partition tool to separate a 10 GB disk (size depends on your actual situation). We recommend that you use the NTFS format for partitioning, in this way, the space above 4 GB can be allocated to Ubuntu.
Step 2: Download the Ubuntu 12 image file. You can use tools such as WinRAR to open the image file and extract the wubi.exe installer from it. After the download, place the image files of wubi and Ubuntu 12 in the root directory of the same partition (Be sure to be in the same directory !), In this way, we will start to install.
Step 3: Find the wubi we just created and double-click to run wubi.exe. Select the partition where you want to install Ubuntu on the disk, allocate space to Ubuntu, set the language environment, and set your username and login password, you can set these settings based on your actual situation and click Install. Wubi will automatically find your image file for automatic installation. Make sure your computer is connected to the network! Because you also need to download a small number of files required for installation on the internet, you need to maintain a network connection. However, few files are downloaded. Most files are stored in the image. The intermediate process is automatic.
Step 4: Later, wubi will prompt you to restart the computer. Restart the computer and select Ubuntu from the Startup menu. After entering Ubuntu, the installation will start automatically, and you only need to wait patiently. The installation will take about 20 minutes and the machine will automatically restart.
Step 5: Start again. Select Ubuntu In the Startup menu. After the logon page appears, enter your preset user name and password. If there is no problem with the video card driver, here I believe that the cute Ubuntu interface is already in front of you! Congratulations!

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