Use XAML and sharpmap to render a map

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SharpmapThe author posted a new post on his blog about the useXAMLRenderingMapYes. I talked to Edison about this topic two days ago.

The original article is as follows:

I was just reading a few articles onXAML-Microsoft new UI Language for rendering vector content and user interfaces-when it hit me that this probably can get you much further in web mapping interaction than SVG can.XAMLIs part of"Windows Presentation Foundation"A part of. NET Framework 3.0 

My first attempt to generate xalm was done by creating a new RendererSharpmap, And below you can see my first results in xamlpad. The data here has been created based on a sharpmap map by my quick 'n' dirty xamlrenderer for sharpmap. 


All it takes with the new Renderer is initializing the new Renderer with your map, and request a new map:

Sharpmap. XAML.RendererXamlrenderer =NewSharpmap. XAML.Renderer(MAP );

StringXAML = xamlrenderer. getmap (); 

If you zip the generated XAML file you even get a 20% ction over a PNG image. 

Next step is to add interaction like zooming, querying etc... 

Download XAML for the above worldmap (261,36 KB)It seems that using XAML is similar to SVG, at least fromTechnologyIn terms of thinking, how can we control the output range based on spatial indexes for large data volumes and massive data? Currently, it is estimated that only the GMAP method can be used to achieve the efficiency of public-mode Web Maps. However, the disadvantages of this method are obvious. Where is the next breakthrough point? Welcome to the discussion!

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