Use XHTML in JSP, ASP, and PHP Web pages

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A wise programmer once said, "the one constant in computing be change." There couldn ' t be a truer
Statement. This article are about such change, specifically moving from HTML to next generation, XHTML
(Extensible hypertext Markup Language).
This article includes the following sections:
An Introduction to XHTML
Implementing XHTML Today
changing HTML to XHTML
Additional XHTML Resources and Facts
The analysis are from a server-side perspective, meaning it applies equally down to ASP, JSPs, PHP or other
Server-side driven projects.
An Introduction to XHTML
XHTML (now in version 1.1) is the merging of HTML 4 and XML. It represents such an important advancement
That's the World Wide Web Consortium, the international standards to the Web, is replacing HTML
With XHTML as the standard tool for creating Web pages.
The XHTML is built to open doors to the other formats. For example, XHTML can is used to format content for
Pagers, whereas HTML cannot. XHTML would replace WAP and other markup languages. It is a cornerstone in the
Revolutionary change in thinking beginning to occur in Web site design. Instead of viewing a Web site as a
Stand alone data island, XHTML would expand Web applications, allowing Web sites to control and send
Information which'll drive countless devices, presentation styles and other Web sites. XHTML is the
Starting point for this tremendous change we are about to experience in how we use the Web.
The using XHTML has many advantages over using HTML. Because of its structure, the XHTML is faster. Its
Formed documents in quicker and smaller parsers. These smaller parsers waste less time verifying
And doing logic sorting that ' s required for Hodge podge HTML documents. While faster results are
Available yet, expect improved performance from the next generation of xhtml-based.
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