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How Zend Encode works
Anyone who uses PHP knows that it is a script programming tool. Programs written with it must be placed on the Web server in the form of source code, so we cannot protect our own source code. We all know that the execution efficiency of any script program is lower than that of compiled binary code with the same function. So if there is a tool that can help us compile the program written in PHP into binary code, this not only improves the execution efficiency,
The operation speed is also accelerated. If there is such a tool, it would be two birds in one fell swoop.

This is not a dream. Zend Encode is developed for this purpose. It can directly compile the script into a binary code. With Zend Encode, you can compile your PHP program and distribute it to many users without disclosing your source code. The compiled binary code can be transparently read by Zend Optimizer. That is to say, you only need to install Zend Optimizer on its server to execute the PHP program compiled by Zend Encode. The compilation program contains some Zend Optimizer code, so the program code is further optimized during the compilation process, which means the script execution efficiency is improved.

In a sense, Zend Encode is a "PHP compiler ". However, it is not a true compiler, because the truly compiled program can run out of the original compilation environment, and the Zend Encode compiled program, zend Optimizer is required. Just like compiled Java binary code, it must be supported by JVM. Therefore, Zend Optimizer can be viewed as a virtual machine with PHP compiled code. In any case, they must be used together.

Currently, Zend Encode supports the following operating systems: Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. Zend Encode can be run directly, and PHP does not have to be installed in computer systems.

Zend Encode installation
Download a software package first! Zend Encode is not a free software. You have to pay for it and the price is quite high. Fortunately, provides a software package for trial. You can try it for 30 days for free. This package can be obtained directly from Therefore, you must first download the Zend Encode and Zend Optimizer packages on Download an authorization file license. Because Zend Encode is an authorized product, you need to apply for a license from The application procedure is as follows:
To apply for a license for trial use, you must provide the ID of the computer you are using to, that is, enter the host ID in the application page (actually the MAC address of the NIC on your computer ). The method for viewing the computer ID is as follows: download an lmutil. z program from, decompress it, obtain the program lmutil, and run it. It will generate a sequence string based on the hardware features of the system. Enter the serial number in the host ID on the apply for license page. will generate a license for the user within 48 hours and download the license file named zendEncode. dat, which can only be used on this computer.
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