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1. How to use ASP to determine the virtual physical path of your website
Answer: Using the MapPath method
< p align= "center" >< Font size= "4" face= "Arial" >< B >
The physical path to this virtual website is:
</b ></font >
< font color= "#FF0000" size= "6" face= "Arial" >
<%= Server.MapPath ("\")% >
</font ></p >

2. How do I know the browser used by the user?
Answer: Use the Request object method
Strbrowser=request.servervariables ("Http_user_agent")
If Instr (Strbrowser, "MSIE") < > 0 Then
Response.Redirect ("formsieonly.htm")
Response.Redirect ("forall.htm")
End If

3. How to calculate the average number of repeated visits per day
Answer: the solution
<% Startdate=datediff ("D", Now, "01/01/1990")
If strdate< 0 then startdate=startdate*-1
Avgvpd=int ((usercnt)/startdate)% >
Show results
<% Response.Write (AVGVPD)% >
This is It.this page have been viewed since November 10,1998

4. How to display random images
<% Dim P,ppic,dpic
P=int ((ppic*rnd) +1)
Dpic= "graphix/randompics/" &p& ". gif"
% >
< img src= "<%=dpic% >" >

5. How to get back to the previous page
Answer:< a href= "<%=request.servervariables (" Http_referer ")% >" >preivous page</A >
Or with pictures such as:< img src= "" alt= "<%=request.servervariables" ("Http_referer") % > ">

6. How to determine the IP address of each other
Answer:<%=request.servervariables ("remote_addr)% >

7. How to link to a picture
Answer:<% @Languages =vbs cript% >
<% response.expires=0
Strimagename= "Graphix/errors/erroriamge.gif"
Response.Redirect (Strimagename)
% >

8. Forced Enter Password dialog box
A: Put this sentence on the beginning of the page
<% response.status= "401 not Authorized"
% >

9. How to pass variables from one page to another
A: Use the HIDDEN type to pass variables
<% form method= "POST" action= "mynextpage.asp" >
<% for per item in request.form% >
< input namee= "<%=item% >" type= "HIDDEN"
Value= "<%=server. HTMLEncode (Request.Form (item)% > ">
<% next% >
</form >

10. Why I use MsgBox in the ASP program, the program error said no permissions
A: Because the ASP is the server running, if you can display a dialog box on the server, then you have to wait for someone to confirm, your program can continue to execute, and the general server will not be guarded, so Microsoft had to ban this function, and told you in random (:) OH) No permissions. However, ASP and client-side scripting can be combined to display a dialog box, as follows:
<% yourvar= "Test dialog box"% >
<% s Cript language= ' Javas cript ' >
Alert ("<%=yourvar% >")
</s Cript >

11. There is no way to protect their source code, do not give people to see
A: You can download a Microsoft Windows S Cript encoder, which can encrypt the ASP scripts and client Javas cript/vbs cript scripts ... However, after the client is encrypted, only IE5 can execute, server-side script encryption, only the server installed with S Cript Engine 5 (installed a IE5 have) to perform.

12. How can I transfer query string from one ASP file to another?
A: The former document adds the following sentence: Response.Redirect ("Second.asp?" & Request.ServerVariables ("Query_string")) files always don't work?
A: Only the web directory is set to Web application, Global.asa is valid, and global.asa the root directory of a Web application is valid. IIS4 can use Internet Service Manager to set application setting how can I make an HTM file Execute script code just like an ASP file?

14. How can I make an HTM file Execute script code like an ASP file?
Answer: Internet sevices Manager-> select Default Web Site-> right mouse button-> Menu Properties-〉 home Directory-> Application settings (Application Setting)-> Click button "Configuration"-> App mapping-> Click button "ADD"-> Executable browse select \winnt\system32\inetsrv\asp. DLL EXTENSION input HTM method exclusions input put.delete all OK. However, it should be noted that the HTM is also handled by Asp.dll, and the efficiency will be reduced.

15. How to register Components
Answer: There are two ways.
The first method: Manually registering DLLs This method is used from IIS 3.0 to IIS 4.0 and other Web servers. It requires you to run down the command line, into the directory containing the DLL, and enter: regsvr32 component_name.dll for example C:\temp\regsvr32 AspEmail.dll It registers specific information about the DLL into the registry in the server. This component can then be used on the server, but there is a flaw in this approach. When the component is registered with this method, the component must be set to the appropriate NT anonymous account to execute the DLL. In particular, some components need to read the registry, so the method of registering the component is simply using the server without MTS, to unregister the DLL, using: regsvr32/u Aspobject.dll Example c:\temp\regsvr32/u Aneiodbc.dll
The second method: Using MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) MTS is a new feature of IIS 4, but it provides a great deal of improvement. MTS allows you to specify that only privileged users have access to the component, greatly improving the security settings on the Web server. The steps for registering a component on MTS are as follows:
1) Open the IIS Management Console.
2) Expand Transaction Server, right-click "pkgs Installed" and select "New Package".
3) Click "Create an empty package".
4) to name the package.
5) Specify the administrator account or use "interactive" (if the server is often logged in using the administrator).
6) Now use the right mouse button to click the "components" below the one you just created. Select "New then Component".
7) Select "Install New Component".
8) Locate your. dll file and select next to complete.
To delete this object, simply select its icon, and then select Delete.
Note: In particular, note the second method, which is the best way to debug your own writing components, without having to reboot the machine every time.

ASP to connect to an Access database:
<%@ Language=vbs cript%>
Dim conn,mdbfile
Mdbfile=server.mappath ("database name. mdb")
Set Conn=server.createobject ("Adodb.connection")
Conn.Open "Driver={microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};uid=admin;pwd= database password; dbq=" &mdbfile

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