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  15 Tips for website operations

1, for each hyperlink click after a new window or direct jump, must be taken seriously. If the user clicks on a link to discard the current page to start a new experience, apply a direct jump. If the user clicks link to learn more information, but the current page's confidence is still useful, you should open a new window.

2, provide help information or Help buttons where each user may need help. The perfect Help system is a product, the website success is very important factor.

3, the difference treats your user the rookie and the prawn, for the rookie has the simple easy to start the tutorial and the sequential guidance, for the prawn should have the quick beginning experience green channel.

4, the words used for each function should be worded carefully. Understand and clearly describe the functional implications provided. Don't let the words "cool" scare away users.

5, whether there is a good fast bug feedback mechanism and complaint channels, and the bug and complaints timely response. Don't let these questions go unanswered. At the same time, be careful not to use the feedback mechanism such as email, the development of a good interactive feedback system is necessary. Allow other users to see the other user's questions and answers.

6, to understand your user community habits, Office,windows's operating habits are undoubtedly the most familiar to them, so the word editor, Windows operating interface for most users will often be the most friendly. When you are not sure of the user's preferences, it is often effective to make a short survey to help you improve your improvement.

7, in the appropriate time and place to reflect your humor is lovely. Users will be a smile on such a setting, virtually increase your favorite, recognition degree.

8, do not easily promise to your users what, but once committed, we must do their best to cash.

9, for the developer's carelessness or error to the user caused by loss and harm, do not be silent, do not try to conceal the denial, but sincere apology, take responsibility, solve the problem.

10, full-featured is not the most important. Do a good job of core functions, the core functional experience is a priority should be given. Not the more you launch the service, the more users like it, but the core service you launched is good enough to attract users. In fact, a Web site can theoretically provide an unlimited number of functions. Don't forget the most important purpose of the user coming here.

11, don't try to bind (and not unload) a product that is not mature enough in a good product. The experience of poor products will only hurt users, and make them to your future improvement will also maintain a respectful distance.

12, the provision of information-type Web sites should allow users to obtain the required and quickly leave the current plate.

13, it is commendable to let users know your development progress and goals without leaking trade secrets. A friendly development team that is close enough to the user to win the user's approval.

14, an open mind is particularly important. Allow your users to come and go freely, in the long run may be able to create the biggest stickiness to the user. Do not, like some SPS, once used its services, will not allow you to unsubscribe. Don't let the user have the feeling of shanghaied.

15, adhere to the user is our ultimate goal. But pay attention to ways and means. To be honest: retaining the user's heart is more important than retaining the user.

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