UseLayoutRounding and Snapstodevicepixels of WPF

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Recently, when I looked at other friends ' XML code at work, I found the Snapstodevicepixels property and then queried the data to understand its role.

1) userlayoutrounding is false, causing the control layout to not be rounded relative to the screen if it is not an integer, resulting in blurred edges.

2) Snapstodevicepixels default to False, true to allow element pixel-level alignment.

uielement.uselayoutrounding Property

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the rendering of the object and its visual subtree should use rounding behavior that will render to the whole pixel alignment.

(typically set on a container element, which occurs during measure&arrange)


Gets or sets a value that determines whether device-specific pixel settings should be used during the rendering of an element. This is a dependency property.

(typically set in root element, occurs in render, not container element)

(DPI, Dot per inch, 96dpi:1 logical inch = pixels, PNG, etc. picture art may be set to 72dpi) For details, see Msdn: (v=vs.95). aspx http :// This article was reproduced in :

UseLayoutRounding and Snapstodevicepixels of WPF

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