User Demand Research Report

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First, project name: Android Library Management system

Second, Research location: Study Room Dormitory

III, interview time: 4 month 14th

Iv. Interview Department: School of Civil Engineering, School of Mechanics, School of Information

V. Purpose of the interview: to investigate the needs of users, to solicit comments from users, improve the software.

Vi. Participating Personnel:

Letter 1203 Class Li Zhenyu 18330108597 The idea is good, the hope accesses the speed quickly, the book retrieval efficiency is high.

Letter 1204-2 Week Ice 18330107130 stick to it, don't give up

Letter 1204-2 Li Yunwei 18733133914 You can add a piece.

Letter 1204-2 Jiangyuan 13613310160

Letter 1204-2 Wang Hao 18330106186

Letter 1204-1 Books Gold 18330107862 e-book classification more refined just fine, also can have a daily book recommended

Letter 1204-1 Han Zhengbin 18330107837 can add history browsing record, convenient next query

Civil Dujake

Mechanical Teresa Zhao

Letter 1203 Liu Jiaqi 15830100209

Letter 1203 Wang Shuai 15690320295 want to add reminder function

Letter 1204-2-week Taoyuan 18330106409

Letter 1204-2 Tang Yimin 18330109205 operation as fast as possible, search as far as possible to show full

Letter 1204-2 Ma Jianjun 18330109359 hope to be promoted, applied to the vast number of students, for the majority of students to provide convenience

Letter 1204-1 He Jico 1830185521

Seven. Picture

User Demand Research Report

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