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Before I mentioned the user experience in the article "to go to the consumer website development and construction", this article mainly elaborated my understanding to the user experience, and should pay attention to the user experience aspect in the development website.

User experience, what exactly is the user experience? Different people have different understanding of this, simply said the user experience is the user to use a website to shop all the feelings, for the consumer, the user experience should be through the entire user shopping process, from our desire to create shopping to find the site to buy, until the end of payment, This whole process left us with an impression.

In example: We often go to shop to buy things, such as buy electrical to Beijing East, buy books to be when, buy clothing to every customer, buy a mess to Taobao and so on, why we divided so meticulous, is it because they are more professional? I think it's not all, because these sites give us different user experiences, from "Response Time ①", " Usability ② "and" stability ③ "measure the standard type of user experience for a site.

But the overall architecture of the corporate Web site is basically the same, normal viewers can not see good and bad, can only rely on visual judgment of the feasibility of a website, however, we are also accustomed to the traditional style of the current Web site, when we open the consumer website, immediately let people produce and other sites different feelings, This is the so-called user experience.

① response Time: The time required for a Web page to be fully open. Can the most intuitive reflection of the quality of the site's important signs-speed, which is also the site's users can most directly feel.

② Availability: The rate at which Web pages can be successfully opened and browsed over a period of time. This reflects the possibility that site users can successfully complete the application of the site.

③ Stability: The standard deviation of response time over a period of time. This indicator shows the speed stability of the website that users feel when they visit the website at different time periods, different geographical locations and through different network access.

(The above three indicators of performance are from Gomez benchmarks)

Angles and other types of Web site comparisons

First, the company website and corporate website

Corporate web site is a company's image, a good corporate website can represent the face of the entire company, although the corporate web site also has products and product display function, but it is not a single product highlighted, but the overall image. Corporate web site is focused on the visual effects of the page, a lot of corporate sites are using Flash as an image page, which is enough to explain the strict requirements of the corporate Web site, corporate Web site to the user experience is a whole feeling, but also a kind of corporate culture in line with the style and atmosphere.

Compared to the enterprise website, the consumer website in the user experience more needs is the prominence of goods, around the product to do peripheral expansion, this is critical.

Second, the website of the Business-to-consumer and the portal site

Portals are often considered "department stores", it is a comprehensive Internet information resources system, this kind of website mainly is the display way of the text as the core, the Portal website page is the longest, 10 many screens all have, the rubbish heap same feeling, but the portal website pursues is the amount of information, this we also cannot say what, That's the way China's web portals are.

Compared to the portal site, there are huge user groups, have a strong server support, interface than the portal clear pick, one is based on commodities, one is based on information, the direction of different.

Third, the company website and industry website

Industry website As the name suggests, is the industry for the distinction of the site, but also belong to the industry portal, "door + home + Road" the collection of three, the main information is the industry-related information, business opportunities, commodities and so on. Industry site in the user experience, the pursuit of an industry spirit, whether the page structure or design concept, they have a lot of similarities, the difference is in style and content. The feeling of the industry website is that it is the same as entering the wholesale market of a certain commodity, and can learn any information about the industry, which is a good source of opportunity.

Compared to the industry website, the business website also has the concept of industry, many of the business site is to expand the industry as the core, for two examples: "Jingdong Mall" and "Dangdang", before the "Jingdong Mall" has been the digital home appliance routes, Dangdang is only selling books, and later all the expansion of the offensive, which is the expansion of the industry outside, However, the Web site is still a lot of industry, for example, Le King is still selling shoes, wheat bag is still selling bags, and so on, and so on, personally think that the industry of the user experience of the business, is a single-minded and professional, in the browsing angle and the awareness of the purchase of goods have a very unique choice, I think most people still like professional things. There is a saying good: "Simple things to repeat is an expert, repeat things to work hard to win!"

From UE angle and similar website comparison

Let's look at a set of statistics:

The above statistics are 2011 Chinese users of the first 10 ranking, Taobao Mall and Jingdong Mall ranked one or two, so I choose to use them for comparison, the two are comprehensive large-scale shopping site, almost covered the market all the goods, compare comparative.

Below is my two homepage comparison, homepage is the user to the website first feeling, also depends on the user to stay the time, I use the page first screen carries on two websites analysis.

PS: My computer screen resolution is 1440*900 pixels, the browser is Firefox10.0.

Home page of day Cat:

Style: The cat inherits the traditional Taobao mall style, with deep red mainly color, gray, black as a supplement, to match, in the page resolution to choose the width of 970px fixed size, header and slides part of the background color is 100% of the banner, respectively, the use of crimson and gray.

Navigation: The main navigation for the black-brown background, white font, the left Product category menu for three large categories default for all merchandise, three kinds of large categories have used different color menu background, the different categories of products for visual rendering, more user-friendly, top navigation, design is also more exquisite, dark red background pale yellow font. Showing the page is still very solemn.

Search bar: Search bar to the right, extending to the left, more than half the total width of the page, compared to the atmosphere, a regular design, very long form is also convenient for users to search for goods.

Slide: Using five large-scale slides, it is obvious to recommend activities, with large size images to impact the user's vision, so that users create the desire to click.

Advantages: Overall, the cat home design is very exquisite, slightly noble feeling, but not very obvious. From the color of the collocation and layout of the structure is very reasonable, so that viewers can know how to go down.

Disadvantages: The right header part of the logo is slightly short, giving people a feeling more depressed. In particular, "win thousand" ads, the upper and lower part is very compact, looking at a long time, feeling very tired; the delayed loading effect on the slide is not replaced with loading, in the process of reading pictures, the picture is a little bit from the top down, this user experience is not good, the following figure

Jingdong Mall Home:

Style: After the revision of the Beijing-east, the page gives people a very atmosphere, a bright feeling, especially the resolution of the judge is very user-friendly, the largest width of 1210px, the smallest 990px of the two sizes, according to the client computer resolution to judge, I 1210px width to analyze, the overall site for the white background, Page structure for three columns, the first screen can see header and slides and recommended three items, the right side has three modules, the main site elements can be seen, the page design feeling very bright, very clear.

Navigation: The new version of the main navigation and the old edition is quite different from the feeling, the atmosphere, concise, the same use of the red navigation background, showing a clear and stable, but also the center of gravity of the site. Compared to the cat to a lot simpler, users look less tired, it is easy to find their own want to go to the entrance. In addition to the design of navigation background, more than 40 pixel height with 14 pixel of text, visible designers focus on the atmosphere and simplicity of the site, the left category menu design is not much change, the same inherited the predecessor of the practice, the category menu are similar, there is nothing to say. The top link navigation is also very low-key simple, with the overall style.

Search bar: Unlike the day cat is the east of the search column header in the middle, but also very eye-catching position, Jingdong use the search box to promote one of his products, and the form below with "hot search" some of the tag. Their starting point in addition to let users search for other products, but also recommended to users themselves want to promote the goods, the advantage is that users can know which things sell the best, which things are the latest shelves, good design concept, recommend such a practice. Although many sites are used in this way, they will not be objectionable to users because they really want to buy this stuff.

Slide: The slide uses five groups of big picture advertisement and the main push commodity combination of matching switch effect, a pair of big picture below follow three item of time switch. This is a more personalized approach, can be say and is reasonable to use a powerful position, can promote activities and promotional products and discount products, but I observed a period of time, and did not find the relevance of advertising and merchandise, do not know what to do with the general recommendation of the product is not the same, is it just to use the position? I feel inferior to the cat, People are very single-minded, is the activity of advertising, large, let a person see the activity, and then the ads below is recommended merchandise, this is more clear, is not it?

Advantages: Jing Dong gives me the feeling is the atmosphere, in addition to the atmosphere or atmosphere. Maybe it's because of the width of the page, overall design is also good, the content is very much, but very clear, not so messy, white background and gray merchandise module, reflecting the simplicity of a Web site, users will not feel tired for a long time browsing, large classification using different highlighting colors to distinguish between different industries of goods, Avoid allowing users to look for a long time to find goods produced by visual fatigue, Jing dong This revision, many places can also be used for reference, worthy of the electrical business peers to learn.

Disadvantage: It said that the slide place inserted the promotional items, I do not like to do so, because I do not understand what the relevance of this, it will allow people to spend time to see the relationship between them, to the end is not related to the feeling is very bad. There is the right sidebar, listed a lot of ads and brand list, too dense, I watched for a while, feeling very tired. You can try to reduce a few ads and replace them with larger ones, which makes it seem like a lot more comfortable.

Conclusion: I will explain these first, mainly for the user experience of the two site pages of the personal analysis, as to what route between them, what the future trends, I do not express opinions, the competition between the masters we can only worship, learn from the experience, which things worthy of our juniors to learn, this is what we want; But then, personally feel that Jingdong Mall, Suning easy to buy, Tencent Electric business in recent years in the rapid development, and Taobao Mall seems to be in laurels, most or rely on Taobao market flow introduced, presumably Taobao Mall next to what development strategy? Let's guess.

I come from a gauze network ( technical team, is currently learning SEO and user experience knowledge, such as the wrong place please forgive me, the above article for my original, on behalf of the personal point of view, if the similarity is purely coincidental.

Original address: welcome reprint, Reprint please keep the link, the offender must investigate. Thank you

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