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Article Description: How does the website registration process "Care for users"?

A user to the door of a website, from the threshold to find their seats, the process of the site to do, one is to allow users to sit down as soon as possible, what to do; the second is to let users quickly familiar with the room, to maintain freshness, at least before sitting down, the owner should send a glass of water or two magazines, so that users feel the enthusiasm of the owner, and easily found a new website interest point, in the seat of the commotion. How did the website do it?

Remember a long time ago heard an example, said a Web site registration process, the e-mail confirmation of a message to the letter of a slightly modified, so that the success rate of registration significantly increased, at that time on the site's reverence for the feeling on the. Registration process is the only way for new users, personal feeling let users to kill the speed of seconds to complete the necessary registration procedures, is always the primary goal. In this principle, in the registration process and then guide users to complete a number of valuable product behavior, is icing on the cake. The following is a simple comparison of the registration process for several products:

NetEase blog vs Sina blog:

The biggest difference between the two registers is the third line: NetEase blog directly guide users to register NetEase mailbox and open blog; Sina Blog for users to provide two options "one is registered Sina mail and membership, and open blog, and the second is to use other common mail registered members and open blog." Intuitive consideration, NetEase does not care about the user's other common mailbox, but directly guide users to complete the NetEase Mailbox and blog registration, but Sina is considerate. Conversely, a special for NetEase blog to the user, go to netease blog doorway, will not use the "non-netease Common mailbox" complete registration, and choose to leave? Real data don't know, but it feels like most users will frown and a handful will leave. Compared to the two, Sina gives a more considerate choice.

Sina Weibo vs NetEase Weibo:

Sina Weibo, the so-called "registration only need 30 seconds"?! Did you do it:

situation A: users use non-Sina mailbox registration , step-by-step, smooth speed, 30 seconds almost;
situation B: the user input Sina mailbox (@sina. com/cn) , regardless of whether the mailbox has already existed , are prompted "Sina mailbox users please directly login to open Sina Weibo", and jump to the landing page, login successfully opened the microblogging service. If there is no this Sina mailbox, calculate the user bad luck.
situation C: The user entered a registered Sina member of other mailboxes , prompted "This email address has been registered, login?" "And then it's over. User wants to log in? Click on your own mouse.

NetEase Weibo, "registration only 20 seconds"-subtext "elder brother than Sina 10 seconds ~ ~ ~"

situation A: users use non-NetEase mailbox Registration, step-by-step, smooth speed, 20 seconds a bit suspended;
situation B: users use unregistered NetEase mailbox Registration, gorgeous skip the "Confirmation Mail" Step! Direct opening, 20 seconds almost;
situation C: The user entered the registered NetEase pass mailbox account , gorgeous pop-up login box! Direct opening, 20 seconds is not used.

Compared to the two, it is clear that NetEase Weibo more intimate, no matter what the situation, are guided by science. Conversely, for Sina Weibo, do not consider me such a deliberate test of the guy, the name of his Sina mailbox wrong number of users? How many of these users have chosen to open Sina Weibo through this "Memory mailbox"? Estimates are few and far between. After all, Sina Weibo has been the wind, the little things harmless.

Above two examples analysis is the website registration entrance for each kind of user's guidance, most products take care of 95% of the new user to satisfy, and in the registration process, how to guide the user to complete some valuable product behavior, then is the registration process the second big question. Finally, look at an example:

Renren-"Care for the user" = "Take care of Yourself"

Renren said "10 seconds to find all your friends", directly ignoring the "Sina/NetEase" "30 seconds/20 seconds":

As a target group, the core value of a clear social network, Renren's registration process is very strong guide users to their "values" Closer:
The first step: Must real name! at least you must let Renren feel you are the real name!
The second step: Can not be certified , advanced to say, settle scores!
The third step: Must tell Renren , where do you go to school/work!
Fourth step: as long as the user in front of the registration process obediently obedient, Renren will proudly tell the user "your account has not passed the certification, you say you can not use the site part of the function", the time for the reckoning.

After reading this registration process, it may feel like a pick of the bully landlord. Conversely, a user who intentionally uses the name "Liu Syncope" comes to Renren. How many of these users are there? What can a user who does not tell Renren any "reading/work experience" to play on this site? Renren's answer is "honest registration in order to play around here," with fake names and fake experience into Renren users, please leave, because there is no meaning to you. Renren's core value is clear, it can be a clear guide to the new user registration behavior, strong, but reasoned.

A product of a play, some products registration process can be accurate and strong, some target groups can not focus on the product needs to be fast and open, but in any case, the new user registration process is a worthy of research, because the care of new users, is to take care of the site itself. However, through the registration process "care" users can achieve the desired effect, is definitely not "30/20/10 seconds" can be summed up.

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