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User Experience = absolute experience-user expectations

This is the formula proposed by the manager at a project consultation meeting yesterday. The third generation of online banking, centered on user experience, is developing rapidly today, the business department leadership has a more scientific understanding of user experience. I am very interested in and very appreciative of his suggestion. I remember I wrote an article last year that also described the quantification of user experience, in my opinion, this formula visualizes the user experience, and can even become a quantitative value. Next I will extend it with my own understanding and explain the quantitative process:

1. Absolute Experience Value

The absolute experience value is the experience that the product created by the designer brings to the user. I think this is what we call "user experience design ", including content, interaction process, access speed, and accessibility design. How can this absolute experience value be obtained? Our company has its own model for the absolute experience value of online banking products-user experience Pentagon (business, technology, security, interaction, interface) and a complete set of evaluation criteria and calculation formulas, the score of any sample row can be evaluated in detail. The specific evaluation method is of course commercial secrets.

The three-quality conceptual model (p68) of a product is also mentioned in the interactive design road I recently read ). The three qualities are possibility, feasibility, and expectation. They represent three aspects: technology, business, and design, imagine if the evaluation experts compare the technology, business, and design criteria and draw more objective values, then, we can build a detailed calculation formula based on the three relationships to calculate the absolute experience value of the product. It seems that our research method is quite scientific.

2. User expectations

User expectations are easy to understand, that is, users' psychological expectations for the product. Because of the differences in the ideology and consciousness of each user, the expectations of individual users are different. Therefore, various results are obtained in the user satisfaction questionnaire. For individual differences, refer to the user experience RPG of AMI. Because of this subjective content, designers need to conduct user surveys, user tests, and so on. The value of this expected value can be from the average of a large volume of data, or from the "user experience value" of the product in the same industry ", because the user's experience in using products in the same industry will directly affect his expectations for new products.

3. User Experience

Let's take a look at the definition of user experience-reference content:

User Experience is a kind of subjective psychological experience built upon the user's use of a product (service. Because it is purely subjective, it carries certain uncertainties. Individual Differences also determine that the real experience of each user cannot be completely simulated or reproduced through other means. However, for a clearly defined user group, the commonality of user experience can be realized through well-designed experiments.

Although I think this definition is somewhat one-sided, the key points mentioned are beyond doubt. Because the absolute experience value of a specific product is fixed after the design, it depends on this uncertain subjective factor. I think it is necessary to quantify the user experience value. It will directly display the product design results, whether it is competitive, and whether it is accepted by users, it is of great significance to publicize and form a product feedback system.

4. Formula

You can obtain the following result in this formula:
Absolute experience value> User expectations-Good or at least standard products
Absolute experience value = user expectations ---- products barely satisfied
Absolute experience value <user expectations-product that is annoying and failed

As described above, users' experience in using products in the same industry will directly affect their expectations for new products. Therefore, "user expectations" are a variable and an incremental variable, to design a product with good experience, the "absolute experience value" must be higher than the product according to the formula. Therefore, designers must constantly improve the user experience design of the product, this will allow products to survive the fierce competition in the market. So, designers, work together!

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