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At present, all stationmaster, Seoer is paying great attention to the outside chain construction, they not only from Link's correlation, the weight high and low, the time factor, the link nature, domain name breadth, link position, anchor text, whether jump, whether to nofollow and so on, and emphasize anchor text, hypertext, Pure text in various forms of the precise collocation of the chain, everywhere targeted search engines rely on the reverse chain recommended guidance of the soft rib. The goal is only one, "hair outside the chain, the spider", the more the more the chain, will be the site keyword rankings do go up.


"Hair outside the chain, the introduction of spiders" has become the general consensus of the Seoer

In this case, website SEO gradually become a patchwork of heavy physical labor, Seoer reduced into a "network of migrant workers", a variety of "content is just meaningless interspersed keyword" "Hair outside the chain" has become a general trend-artificial "hair outside the chain" also gradually to the low level of machine mass.

It is understood that Fujian Putian specializes in imitation brand website of a network company even set up more than 1000 people outside the chain team, every day will produce at least tens of thousands of "content just meaningless interspersed keyword" of the garbage outside the chain, for is "hair outside the chain, the spider."

It should be said that the emphasis on the site outside the chain for the search engine recommendations guide The role is correct, but this view is not comprehensive, because the Web page outside the chain of recommended guiding role is the first person. A chain, only really has the recommendation of the User Guide role, it on the search engine is really a recommended guide role.

Because, not only the search engine relies on the guidance of the reverse link, and more importantly, backlinks have the Web recommendation Guide is the only basis for the existence of the Internet, irreplaceable. If there is no reverse link (especially outside the chain) of the Web Recommendation Guide role, the internet simply can not unicom, not to mention the existence of search engines.

Baidu "Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0" in the emphasis: "User access to your Web page is from other pages to start the link", "We often say that the chain, is (user) recommended a (form)."

In fact, the emphasis on the chain of users directly recommend direct marketing promotion role is necessary, Zac said: "External links is to improve (SEO) ranking the most direct means, but the click traffic is the original meaning of the link ... As long as you can get the click Flow, is a good external link, after all, the purpose of SEO or get traffic.

This kind of truth for most stationmaster, seoer, not not do not understand, but in the SEO and network marketing practice, we still ignore the external chain to the user's direct recommendation guide--because such a chain of import flow and search engine keyword search flow compared to input, the effort is too large, the results and output is not proportional to, There is no economy at all, there is no "content just meaningless interspersed keyword" "Hair outside the chain" optimization behavior easy and affordable. Therefore, "for the hair outside the chain and hair outside the chain" SEO behavior has become a common phenomenon.

But SEO outside the chain of Commissioners have not seriously considered from the user's point of view, if we are readers, we would like to read this "content is just meaningless interspersed keywords" article? And then the impulse to click outside the chain? Do you even volunteer to recommend such a chain to your friends through a variety of instant read-through tools?

The answer is certainly not willing, then, this does not produce any natural click flow of the chain will have a high SEO value? The answer is also negative, because only when an outside chain produces more effective clicks, can calculate the real link to the Netizen useful, such link in the search engine mind is also the high quality link-- Don't underestimate the intelligence of search engines too much.

In answer to the webmaster about "outside the chain weight transfer standards" question, Baidu search engineer Lee said: "About our link should be passed weight, the only criterion is: This link is the user or the other site really recommend your site, this recommendation, whether the user has value."

According to what the "this link is the user or the other site really recommend your site, this recommendation, whether the user has value"? The most simple and effective evaluation method is a chain whether a certain number of users of natural clicks, so to speak, produce a certain amount of natural click of the outside chain, is the effective chain, Because it actually implements the "point to target Document (Web page)" function in the "reverse link" definition.

Whether to produce natural clicks and clicks, is also a measure of SEO outside the chain of time, correlation, link natural degree of one of the important criteria. For example, a car forum has a restaurant link that is constantly being clicked by nature, although seemingly irrelevant, it may be a fast-food restaurant recommended by a taxi driver to a colleague, perhaps a roadside-style eatery that is shared by a motorist, as the constant natural click is the "affirmative vote" on the link, This can be determined to have a high correlation of the chain-not the same industry links are related to the outside chain.


From the point of view of Baidu from the user point of view, this is the official Baidu reply to the Webmaster

And in answer to Zac question "Baidu for even (chain) connected on the existence of no validity" problem, Baidu Lee replied: "Link timeliness problem, the actual pros and cons." The advantage is that the past voting only reflects the value of the voters in the past and does not necessarily reflect the present situation; The disadvantage is that the normal voting is not likely to repeat the vote, the past has been voted, it may not be voted now, but it does not mean that the voters are now not recognized.

In this issue, the chain of natural click Flow is also a simple and effective important indicators, as long as it constantly produces natural clicks, so no matter how long the link is established, search engines can be determined that the link to the content of users still have a higher value.

Therefore, "the soldiers are not more in the refined", SEO outside the chain can not blindly pursue the number, can not leave a hasty chain, not be removed by the administrator, by the search engine included on the success of the accident. Must be outside the chain promotion and Web content (service) promotion organically combine, because this not only can bring direct clicks the flow, and may win more user's forwarding recommendation, such outside chain is true "good good person also", user experience degree is high.

Many seoer the website user experience very much, but this kind of website outside the chain construction does not include outside the chain construction--in addition to the link anchor text, such website user experience is not complete, the good website user experience should include the entire website promotion marketing process-certainly outside the chain construction also cannot be exceptional, A user experience of the high level of the chain often indicates that the linked page user experience is also very high.

Only in the site to promote every aspect of the user experience and promote the promotion of the effect of the entire site will be the overall user experience to be truly promoted, the last site will be the weight of the corresponding upgrade, the site SEO effect is the case.

It is difficult to imagine, a specially for "hair outside the chain, the spider" Purpose, in the "chain advertising zone" to stay outside the chain, there is no natural click Flow, the link to the page will have a very high user experience, and finally get the search engine favor.

To sum up, that "the more the more the better" the simple thinking of understandable, but British military theorists B. H. Lider Hart said: "The detour is often the closest way to home." SEO is no exception, especially in today's SEO into the "Universal SEO" competition after the white-hot period, this word is worth every webmaster and Seoer serious reflection (this article by "SEO Yunnan" original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please use the link form to indicate the origin of the article http://

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