User experience in the blog park

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User experience in the blog park

1, whether to provide a good experience to the user?

Previously used NetEase blog, so the use of Blog Park has a greater feeling. Unlike NetEase blog, the blog park is mainly used for learning and communication, experience feels good.

2, you are what kind of user, what kind of psychology, what is the expectation to cnblogs?

I am a computer science and technology major junior students, the main function is to upload the usual practice to do, share and communicate with you. Encounter will not be able to browse a large amount of information more convenient, the content of the homepage is more rich, very professional.

3. When you first use the Cnblogs function, what problems have you encountered? How was it solved later?

A, when publishing a blog, click "Publish" after the Jump interface:

Later the "Heli" in the document is deleted or replaced on the line.

B, the program has been written in the format has been adjusted, and when writing the document (Word) also set the font, size, underline ... Copy and paste is gone (not resolved).

C, pictures can not be directly copied and pasted, and even sometimes notice the size and format of the long ball is not successful (not resolved).

4. What advice do you have for Cnblogs UX?

1, because more inclined to use the keyboard to perform operations, want to edit, write a blog can use the shortcut keys.

2, in addition, preferably in their own editor set up, copy and paste can be maintained, save user time.

3, return or back, can not go back to the previous operation, but to the initial direct jump to what did not do the interface, I hope to improve.

User experience in the blog park

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