User Interface Design Principles (II)

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9. The appearance of the interface follows user behavior

People are always the most comfortable with the expected behavior. When someone or something is always going on as we expected, we will feel a good relationship with them. Therefore, the elements designed should look like their own characteristics. In a specific operation, this means that the user can guess what the element is to do as long as he sees the interface element. If it looks like a button, it should have the button function. Do not be clever about basic interaction issues ...... Leave your creativity to a higher level of demand.

10. Importance of consistency

Following the previous rule, the visual elements in the screen should not look the same unless they have similar functions. For elements with the same or similar functions, their appearances should be similar. Otherwise, they should have different appearances if their respective functions are different. To maintain consistency, newbieResponsive DesignTeachers usually use the same visual processing (code reuse) method, and should use different visual processing methods.

11. A strong visual hierarchy will make the effect better.

A strong visual hierarchy will give the picture a clear browsing order. That is to say, when users browse the same things in the same order each time, a tiny visual hierarchy makes users not know where it is important to pay attention. In the end, it only makes users confused and confused. In a constantly changing design environment, it is difficult to maintain a strong visual hierarchy, because the visual weight of all elements is relative: When all words are in bold, there is no such thing as "bold. If you want to add a strong visual element to the screen, the designer should re-adjust the weight distribution of all elements on the page to achieve a strong visual level. Most people do not notice the visual weight, but it is actually the simplest way to strengthen (weaken) the design.

12. Clever layout reduces users' cognitive burden

As John Maeda said in his book "Simplicity", properly orchestrating elements on the screen can rarely be seen, helping others quickly and easily understand the interface you have designed, because you have used yourResponsive DesignClearly illustrates the relationship between them. With the orientation and orientation, You can naturally associate the same elements. Through clever content arrangement, users can reduce their cognitive burden. They no longer need to spend time thinking about the association between elements, because you have done well. Don't force users to think ...... Use your design to present it to them.

13. Do not always emphasize with colors.

The color of an object changes with the light. When the sun shines high and the sun goes down, the same tree also shows different scenes. In the natural world, colors are easily influenced by the Environment, so in design, colors should not take a large proportion. As an aid, we can use highlighted colors to attract attention, but this is not the only way to differentiate them. When reading a long article or facing a computer screen for a long time, you can use a soft background to reduce the brightness. Of course, you can also use lively and bright colors as the background, but make sure it is suitable for your readers.

14. Step by step

Only necessary information is displayed on the screen. If users need to make a decision, they only need to show enough information for their choice, and then they will go to the next page to find more details. Avoid presenting or interpreting all the information at one time. If you can, you can choose to display the information on the following screen. This will make your interface interaction clearer.

15. built-in help

In the ideal interface design, the "help" option is unnecessary because interface operations are guided. The next step of "help" is actually "help" embedded in the context. It is displayed only when the user really needs it. It is usually hidden. Ask the user for help ,. It is important to ensure that users can use your interface smoothly.

16. Important moment: Initial State

It is very important to use the interface for the first time, but this is often ignored by designers. In order to make users get started faster, it is bestResponsive DesignIn the initial state, that is, the status that has not been used. This status is not a blank canvas ...... It should provide a direction and guidance for users to quickly enter the situation. There may be some friction in the initial interaction process. Once the user understands the rules, there will be a high chance of success.

17. Good design is invisible

A good design has a strange feature, which is usually ignored by users. One of the reasons is that the design is so successful that the user is fully focused on what he wants to achieve, rather than the interface ...... When users successfully complete their goals, they will be satisfied and do not need to reflect any problems. As a designer, it will be very difficult ...... Because we seldom receive positive responses, we seldom know which designs are good. However, excellent designers are able to design easy-to-use interfaces ...... And they know that satisfied users are usually silence.

18. Start from other design fields

Visual, graphic design, layout, text, Information Architecture and visual design ...... All these disciplines are part of the interface design. They can all be involved and researched. Do not try to draw a line with them or look down on other fields: learning a lot of knowledge can help your work drive your growth, or start from seemingly unrelated disciplines, contact areas you are not familiar ...... What knowledge can we learn from publishing, programming, book binding, skateboarding, firefighting, and karate?

19. The interface exists to be used.

In most design fields, user use is the success of the interface design. It is like a beautiful chair, although beautiful, but uncomfortable to sit up, the user will not choose it, it is a failed design. Therefore, the existence of the interface is to create as many easy-to-use environments as possible for users to use, just as you have designed a good crafts. If a designer designs a file to satisfy his vanity, it is far from enough: it must be used!


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