Using a USB stick PE mounting system

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1. Preparatory work.

(1) Backup. Backup hosts, QQ chat history, browser home page, download Driver Wizard Universal NIC driver, no need to back up other software and drivers.

(2) Make a U disk PE system. Installation of the system only need to drive the wizard Universal NIC driver version of this software can, without daemon Tools Lite.

(3) Unzip the system image file to be installed.

2. Enter the PE system. In the BIOS will make the PE system's USB drive set as the first boot item (priority to the hard drive boot), and restart the computer, the computer will boot from the USB stick into the PE system.

3. In the PE system, the format of the C disk is NTFS (assuming that the system will be installed in the C-disk, if you need to install the system in other disks, the subsequent operation is only to change to the corresponding disk), C-disk preferably more than 15GB of space. Unzip the system image ISO file that needs to be installed, locate the boot, bootmgr, and sources three files/folders from the extracted folder and copy them to the C packing directory. or first copy boot, bootmgr to the C packing directory, and then in the C-drive new folder named sources, Then copy the ISO file under Sources to the new sources folder in the C drive (mainly because sources this file has a few 2 G, a bit large)------This step from the hardware point of view, the C drive contains the necessary files to boot the system.

4, in the PE system run cmd, input c:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60 c: (note exe and/NT60,/NT60 and C: There is a space between), and then enter, you will see a hint successful words. Then right click on My Computer-management-Disk Management-Right click on the C drive-select "Mark partition as Active partition".-------This step sets the C drive as the system boot disk from the software perspective. If this step is missing, the system disk times error "Setup cannot create a new system partition You cannot locate an existing system partition. "

5, restart the computer into the BIOS, set the hard disk as the first boot item (priority to the USB drive boot), restart the computer, and then the system will automatically from the C-drive system boot, loading and installation.

6, after the installation of the system, you need to use the Driver Wizard Universal Network card driver installed network card driver. and other settings.

Using a USB stick PE mounting system

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