Using ASP and database to implement the pop-up menu with unlimited series

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<!--#include virtual= ' include/database.asp '-->
Set Rs=server.createobject ("ADODB. RecordSet ")
Sql= "Select Menu_name, Menu_link, Menu_bgcolor, menu_color,id from enter_individual WHERE (parent_id = (select IDs from ENT er_individual WHERE menu_flag = ' root ') "' Query gets root node
Rs. Open sql,conn,1,1
Response.Write "< table width=100% border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 align=center>< tr bgcolor= #3399CC Valign=bottom align=center> "
Sumnum=rs. RecordCount
Myarray=rs. GetRows ()
Rs. Close ()
Widd=780/sumnum ' from the first Level submenu number to determine the pop-up menu x-coordinate increment pixel
Dim i
Defaultbgcolor= "#3399cc" ' specifies the default background color
Defaultcolor= ' #ffffff ' specifies the default font color
defaultlink= "#" to specify a default link
Posit_x=0 ' x position
Flag=1 ' flag, as menu pop-up direction 1 indicates right, 0 indicates left
' Response.Write MyArray (4,6)
While I Response.Write "< TD height=20 Bgcolor=" &myarray (2,i) & "Width=" &widd& ">< a href=" & MyArray (1,i) & "Onmouseover=java script:a" &myarray (4,i) & ". Style.display= ' block ' Onmouseout=java script: A "&myarray (4,i) &". style.display= ' None ' >< font color= "&myarray (3,i) &" > "&myarray (0,i) & "</a></td>"
Response.Write "</tr></table>"
While I posit_y=100 ' y position back in place
If i>= (SUMNUM/2) Then ' If the menu goes to the right half, the pop-up turns
End If
' Call the GetSubMenu function to set the subordinate menu of the first-level menu to MyArray (4,i), which is the ID of the div that contains the subordinate menu.
GetSubMenu myarray (4,i), posit_x,posit_y
Posit_x=posit_x+widd ' The X coordinate value of the submenu of the next level menu is increased by one unit
' Functions to subordinate menus using a recursive algorithm
' parent_id parent ID; Posit_x the left position of the pop-up layer; Posit_y the ejection layer from the above position;
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