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Using batch processing to realize immune function of Auto.exe
Yesterday afternoon began the system is a bit abnormal, is estimated to be in the advertising plug-in, with 360 security guards running immediately after the shutdown,
Using the Malware Cleanup Assistant also cleans up the incomplete, goes into safe mode cleanup, and restarts the computer after the cleanup is complete.
Use WinPE mode to go in, see several letter, found that each directory has auto.exe, cannot edit, is 32-bit executable files, delete, restart the computer back to normal.
First Autorun.inf, leading to the internet is full of Autorun.inf immune program, now unexpectedly out of Auto.exe
I admire that.
Manually Set auto Immunization
First: Enter CMD at the beginning of operation
Second: Enter cd\ to the root directory
Third: x:x represents the directory where you want to build immunity.
IV: MD Auto.exe Build a folder with the same file name as the virus configuration file
V: CD Auto.exe into this folder
Sixth: MD Immunization program. \ notice a little bit here. To enter more than two points before you can otherwise the virus or replace the folder
Sixth: cd\ return return root directory
Seventh: attrib +h +s +r auto.exe Set this file as the hidden system read-only property.
Eighth: Enter exit Exit can
Save as Do.bat copy to the root directory of each disk, run
Copy Code code as follows:

Attrib-h-s-r Auto.exe
Del Auto.exe
MD Auto.exe
CD Auto.exe
MD cloud-dwelling community. \
attrib +h +s +r auto.exe

One of them is that Windows XP cannot display hidden files and hidden folders, even if you choose Show hidden files in Folder options, but you can't show them again, and then look at the folder options and change back to the old.

Windows is a lot more complicated than Unix, and Google has quickly found the answer to my question:
Enter registry expansion:
Change the double byte entry value CheckedValue of the right window to 1.

Seems to be a virus, this year Windows Virus protection has become a serious problem.

Further, if we want to protect some of the encrypted files by hiding the file properties, we can learn how to handle these viruses.
Run "regedit" to start Registry Editor and Open
For security reasons, first export the branch, then delete the ShowAll branch, reopen the Advanced Settings window, and now you will never find the "Show All Files and folders" option, your hidden files can now sit back and relax.

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