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You must first correctly establish a site in the DW using the library element.

Libraries are designed to make repetitive work faster, easier, and as error-free as possible.

Any element in a Web page, whether text or graphics, can be specified as a library element.

Library elements can be used to place on any page in the same site without having to re-enter text or insert a picture.

You can modify the library file at any time. Edit complete, save, DW will update all application pages at the same time. You can specify whether to update a page or all Web sites.

Library elements can be converted back to non-library elements. Can be replicated to another site from one site.

  To create a library element

Create a library element by creating a new file, entering the desired content, selecting a part (or all) that you want to use as a library, opening the library panel, dragging the selected section to the panel, and defining the name.

  Working with library elements

When you edit a Web page, you open the Library panel and drag the required library elements to the desired location in the Web page, and the library elements are added and are highlighted in yellow.

As shown in the original code (where Top.lbi is my top library element):

< my top form code >

  modifying library elements

The library elements inserted in the Web page cannot be modified, and if you want to change, you need to select the element modification in the library panel.

Select the element in the Library panel. Click the Open button (or double-click the element) to open the element and modify it at any time, and the DW prompts you to update all pages that are used to the element at once, select Yes to update all (or you can choose No to postpone the update, but don't forget to update yo)

  Delete library elements

Select the element in the panel, click the Delete button, and select Yes to remove it.

If you accidentally delete an element, you can select the element in the file of the application library element, select Recreate[sic on the Property Panel button, and the DW automatically uses the original library name to re-establish the element.

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