Using Dreamweaver to realize panoramic view browsing effect

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Whether have seen the game in the Panorama effect, full of animation and realism, let people unforgettable. In this example, we'll explain how to make a Web page like this

Effect description

Create a file, select a panorama footage, and then insert a small amount of code to achieve the Panorama browsing effect, as shown in Figure 43-1. For practical results, please browse the files in the source files directory on the accompanying CD.

Creative Thinking

Open the Dreamweaver MX 2004 software to create a new page and insert a table, insert <marquee> tag in the HTML Code of the table, and implement a panoramic view.

Operation Steps

(1) Create a new basic HTML file, and then save the page as "43.htm".

(2) Insert the table. To allow Panorama to move around in a specified area, you must first insert a table, as shown in Figure 43-2.

Tip: The fifth step in figure 43-2 must set the height to be as high as the picture.

(3) Insert label. Then click the tag Selector icon in the toolbar, open the Tag Selector dialog box, set the parameters in the dialog box, insert the <marquee> tab, as shown in Figure 43-3.

Tip: Tag Selector dialog box brings together some commonly used tags, such as HTML tags, CFML tags, tags, and so on, by double-clicking the corresponding code tag, you can easily insert code in Code view.

(4) Set parameters. Then set the <marquee> parameters as shown in Figure 43-4.

(5) Then you need to manually add code to the Code view. Go back to the code panel, switch the cursor to the middle of the <marquee> </marquee> tab, and add the following function:

<script language=javascript>
for (t=1;t<=1000;t++)
document.write ("</script>

(Reader can open "CD" | "Source file" | "Instance 43" | "43.1.txt" file, copy code directly)

Hint: The meaning of each parameter in <marquee> is shown in table 43-1. The reader can adjust the HTML code in the third step of figure 43-3 based on these parameter tables.

(6) Save the file and complete the operation.

Panorama suitable for workshops, showrooms and other large-scale demonstrations, because a single lens image can not allow users to see the panorama, through the panorama can make the need to display a large scene.

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