Using Eclipse to run C, C + + programs under Windows

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Believe that we all want to run C, C + + programs under Eclipse, but also helpless do not know how to configure, Google for a long time also just Baidu to the GCC environment configuration, under the three or four packages, to the end or the configuration failed.

So I'm going to introduce this way, not based on the GCC compiler, but based on VC.

Step One:

You need to download the eclipse for C + + version of the package, of course, you can also install the plug-in (I do not recommend, unless you are idle egg pain, there is a ready to do not use, installed force ah?)


Then after the download, unzip the click Eclipse.exe can run, of course, before running you must install Jdk,eclipse Java written, requires the JRE runtime environment.

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Stand-alone project name, right-click New sourcefile Add a C language file, write a simple HelloWorld program.

Step Five:

Step Six:

Operation Result:

If I do this, I will not succeed, I cut my own jj~~~~.

Using Eclipse to run C, C + + programs under Windows

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