Using EditPlus and Dev C + + to configure the compiled runtime environment for C + +

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Perhaps we will have doubts, why not direct use of VC; VS; Dev These ides? Why Shejinqiuyuan. Mainly because the writing program so many years have been accustomed to editplus, including his shortcut keys, grammar automatic completion, grammar hints and so on, editplus with so many years have been very dependent on him, before whether it is written asp;php; Delphi;c#;javascript;html;css and so on are basically used to write. So the main character of this article is still him.//If you want to download this article please note that there is no version of the rights colorful, I do not like to see the people who have uploaded my work and do not mention the person seven{} In fact, I tried to use EditPlus and VC6.0 to configure this evening, the result configuration failed, unable to compile,? Straight did not find the reason, so I had to give up VC6.0 instead of Dev C + + 5.0, the last thing I hope, unexpectedly I used dev C + + The configuration was successful, so let's look at my configuration process.
1. Open the EditPlus "Tools", "Configure User Tools", next we will see the user tool configuration interface, such as:

2. Let's first configure the compile function for C + +.
Command: D:\soft\dev-cpp\bin\g++.exe
Parameter: "$ (FilePath)"-O "$ (filenamenoext)"
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Action: Capturing output
Note: D:\soft\ is my dev-cpp installation directory, you need to make changes according to your actual situation
Detailed settings such as:

3. Next configure the features that are run by C + +.
Command: $ (filenamenoext)
Initial directory: $ (FILEDIR)
Action: None
Detailed settings such as:

4. Finally, in order to facilitate us to open the C + + source file Save folder at any time, we configure the working directory, if you feel unnecessary, can skip.
Parameters:/n,/e,d:\@\ @Learn \c++
Initial directory:
Action: Close window when exiting
Note: d:\@\ @Learn \c++ is the directory where my C + + source files are saved and you need to modify them according to your actual situation.
Detailed settings such as:

Yes, so you can use EditPlus to develop C + +, as for the Code autocomplete and code hints, you can configure separately? the. cpp files and. stx files in the EditPlus installation directory can be implemented. such as:

Note: The auto-completion of EditPlus in C + + only supports the simple completion function, the open CPP.ACP file can be viewed with relevant information, such as:

Using EditPlus and Dev C + + to configure the compiled runtime environment for C + +

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