Using fireworks to make a simulated floppy disk effect 07

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A total of three words on the floppy disk, the Sony logo on the label sheet, the formatted text underneath the label sheet, and the Sony logo on the metal slide.
A three selected text is Georgia font, bold, evenly edge anti-aliasing.
b on the metal sheet of the Sony text, fill color for #cccccc, adjust the text layer transparency of 50% that is good, our floppy disk has roughly done almost, yes, we are not found a little something ah, good, add oil, we carry out
More meticulous and patient finishing work:
A to draw a floppy disk to do the side of the Arrow graphics, to draw a good application of the shadow effect, the parameters are set as follows:

b To add the right "HD" text, the practice found that there is no suitable font to directly write the letter effect, so we use the pen tool hand-painted, and then apply the left arrow pattern and the same inner shadow effect can be.
C Draw the lower left of the write protection, because the write protection of the box is black, so do not have too much for fine processing, only need to hand-draw a polyline to show the light changes.
D Finally we can merge all the layers into a bitmap and then use the Eraser tool or other tool to handle the edges in small pieces.
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