Using JMeter for performance testing-jmeter tutorials and tips summary (GO)

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Why use JMeter, it free open source, continuous development, function gradually strong. Can do function, load, performance test. A set of scripts can be used for both functional and performance testing. Jmeter has a large number of plug-in developers, supporting a variety of test protocols.

first, Jmeter use Getting Started Tutorial (Quick Start)

If you are familiar with English, you can choose to read the Tutorialpoint tutorial. or browse the [most complete jmeter tutorial in history] in Chinese.

You can also continue to browse the following information collected by the webmaster.

1. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (a) What is Jmeter and Google plugin introduction (powerful Jmeter plugin, with less effort)

2. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (ii)--Create a simple Web test

3.3-1 Jmeter Quick Start Tutorials (three-1)-Add response assertions (that is, checkpoints referred to in LoadRunner)

3-2. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorials (three-2)--setting up rally points

3-3. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorials (three-3)--using parameterization

3-4 Jmeter Quick Start Tutorials (three-4)-Parameter correlation

4. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (iv)--recording complex Web test scripts

5. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (v)--How to make test scripts more powerful

6. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (vi)--Jmeter Custom sample complete test

7. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (vii)--Test your EJB with Jmeter

8. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (eight)-using Jmeter transaction transaction Controller

9. Jmeter Quick Start Tutorial (ix)--Monitoring the resources under test

JMeter checkpoint, meeting point, Association

Jmeter Aggregation Report

Second, Jmeter Official documents and Plugin Introduction

1. Official document (English):

2. Some Chinese Manual (Chinese): Jmeter user manual, contains only Web Test section

3. Google Plugins plugin details: Jmeter plugins at Google code

4. JMeter Transaction Controller Introduction: Jmeter-transaction Controller Transaction Controllers Introduction

three, Jmeter use skill

1. JMeter how to simulate HTTP sending gzip data

2. Recording JMeter test scripts with Badboy

3. Clever use of JMeter to send JSON format data

4. JMeter How to save the return of the last request to a variable

5. How to make jmeter reduce the resource consumption of presses (simulate more users)

6. JMeter How to parameterize (read parameterized data from a CSV file)

7. JMeter Distributed Testing (pros and cons)

8. Jmeter BSF Processor

9. Jmeter Discussion section, more discussion materials yo

Jmeter Tutorial Summary List

iv. Jmeter Source code and Jmeter build environment (want to do two development for Jmeter see)

Eclipse build jmeter compilation environment documentation free download also access to build JMeter compilation environment with Eclipse

Five, JMeter cloud test

JMeter can also be cloud now? A few minutes to simulate tens of thousands of users, fast performance testing and get results. So let's look at how to do cloud testing.

Using JMeter for performance testing-jmeter tutorials and tips summary (GO)

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