Using Visual Studio 2010 from Analysis to implementation (1)--installation of Visual Studio CTP2

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The description of this article is based on the visual Studio CTP2, released on October 27, 2008 (the resources that are organized from WWW)

The brothers who are unfamiliar with VS2010 please read this article first:

Visual Studio and. NET Framework 4.0 Overview


About the new characteristics of VS2010 here is not much to do to repeat, this series of the next essay will be described through actual combat.

Visual Studio CTP Edition brief:

CTP version, that is, Community Preview version (Community Technology Preview) Everyone is not unfamiliar.

Visual Studio CTP with 700M volume compression of the RAR compressed package, a total of 11 volumes, 7.18GB, as follows:

After extracting 24GB, there is only one VHD and VMC file, which is a virtual mirror file for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

The VS2010 CTP version and then VS2008 similar, is configured as a virtual machine on the VPC.

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