Using IBM Rational Team concert V2 to manage the scrum project, part 1th

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Part 1th creating projects, teams, and plans

For more than a year, we've been using Ibm®rational team concert™ to support our Scrum teams, enjoy its features, coexist with its shortcomings, and develop its next version. Using the IBM Rational Team concert V2,jazz and the Rational Group concert teams can make significant improvements to Scrum and agile assessment, planning support delivery (not to mention more improved WEB clients and many other new features).

The terminology scrum originates from rugby movement, is the abbreviation of scrummage or scrimmage. In software development, scrum is the way to manage projects in the agile development process. The aim is to deliver the highest commercial value to investors in the shortest possible time. The Scrum process helps to create the rest of the most valuable features, emphasizing that work will be done when it is about to be delivered. The work is built on Chine sprints, or iterations, and the software produced at the end of each sprint phase.

To learn how to manage your Scrum project and ibm®rational team concert™, you can create a project and then continue to process it in its first iteration. The data for the system project is from an extended instance in the Mike Cohn book. Agile Estimating and Planning (Prentice hall,2005), which describes the Bomb Shelter Scrum team, assumes they are working on a new computer game called Studios. The data in the example is the file contained in the article "Rational Team concert Scrum sample data."

This article is based on the assumption that you have already registered on the and that you have downloaded and installed the software based on the instructions therein. You need to know where the Rational team concert clients can link to the ibm®jazz™ repository. After a brief introduction to the scrum process, we will begin to create a project based on the Rational team concert Scrum.

Overview of the Scrum process

The scrum framework consists of the following related aspects:


Product Owner

Scrum Administrator

Team members

Ritual (gathering or meeting)

The day-to-day Scrum

Sprint Planning

Sprint Review

Sprint Review


Backlog of products

To do Sprint

Burndown Chart

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