Using imitation stamps and passages to skillfully pull out transparent wedding dresses

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Pull the map of the method is not much, but in the face of difficult to pick the picture, to think more, the complex problem of simplification, no matter what tool, as long as the effect of a natural, delicate can.


Final effect

1, open the original material big picture, pull the picture before we analyze the wedding part: Because grass part of the grass distribution uneven, wedding background in many places do not have long grass, very messy; wedding Top area Woods are also more messy, to pull the map caused a great impact.

Solution: Transparent objects with Channel-pull effect is the best, but with such a complex background, we have to find a way to simplify the---with the simulation stamp tool to make the complex background simple, so that the later channel pull map will be handy.

< map 1>

2, press CTRL + J to copy the background layer, select the "Clone Stamp Tool" in the toolbar, figure 2, and then set the opacity in the property bar to: 80%, traffic set to: 100%, other settings such as Figure 3.

< map 2>

< map 3>

3, first to remove the bottom of the largest piece, the following figure.

< map 4>

4, the wedding bottom area to enlarge a point, hold down the ALT key in the good part of the wedding dress sampling, loosen the ALT key, from left to right slowly repaired. You need to fix the edge sample and adjust the brush size at any time.

< map 5>

5. Use the Pen tool to check out the outline shown in the following figure and convert it to a selection. This allows you to limit the time to the Clone stamp tool smear and avoid affecting other parts.

< map 6>

6, this piece of area is basically repaired, cancel constituency, basically still calculate satisfaction.

< map 7>

7, meticulous living, can not be urgent. This one is a bit more difficult, at least the folds are a bit denser. Also with the Clone Stamp tool, this time in the property bar opacity set: 100%; hold down the ALT key in the obvious folds of sampling, loosen the ALT key along the direction of the fold, and then move around to repair key parts, to maintain the consistency of folds, such as figure 8,9.

< map 8>

< map 9>

8, this area also need to use a pen to check out the constituency.

< map 10>

9, slowly fill, the general effect is as follows, cancel the selection, the general simplification tool basically end, behind is the channel pull figure.

< map 11>

10, this is now the effect of feeling dissatisfied with the part, you can also spend time to repair.

< map 12>

11, enter the channel panel, choose a wedding dress and the background of the largest channel, and copy one. Here the blue channel is ideal, copy after the blue copy channel, the following figure.

< map 13>

12, we only need the wedding part, with the pen tool to pull out the wedding part, into the selection of the following figure.

< map 14>


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