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Objects using the Index Server
You can use the Index server just as you would with other databases, which are index servers, which are the content indexing engines included in IIS4. You can have it
Make ADO call and search your site, it provides you with a good web search engine.
It's very easy to use. You just have to declare the object, then call the engine, and then reference the attributes, columns, and values you requested.
So, how do you do all these things?
Set up a form page that prompts the user for input, and this page is passed to the Index server engine. Set up the Query engine page and display the results test.
Here's a look at the code that uses in the left column search tool.
Create a form
This form is very simple. This is your basic HTML form, adding some hidden domains that will help drive certain search engine features.
<form method= "Get" action= "/sitesearch/sitesearch.asp" Id=form1 name=form1>
<!--search text-->
<table width= "100%" >
<tr width= "100%" bgcolor= "Black" >
&LT;TD width= "100%" >
<font color= "White" >
<input type= "text" name= "qu" size= "><br>"
<!--Max hits-->
<input type= "hidden" name= "MH" value=50>
<!--sort by hits-->
<input type= "hidden" name= "SD" value= "Hitcount" >
<!--Allow enumeration-->
<input type= "hidden" name= "AE" value= "1" >
<input type= "hidden" name= "ct" value= "C:inetpubwww07120index" >
<input type= "Submit" value= "Find it!" name= "Search" > <a href= "/sitesearch/searchhelp.asp" ><font
If you compare the settings to the search you see on the left side of the page, you can see where the domain was introduced and where the "found" button is.
Show. The following is a brief explanation of the domain:
MH is the maximum number of clicks you want to return. For example, you might want to set this value to 200. Setting this value too high can cause the server unnecessary

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