Using IPV6 addresses in UNC (universal Naming Convention) paths and URLs

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Although Microsoft has shown positive support for IPV6, Windows does not fully support IPV6, for example, in Windows, where we used to access network shared folders (such as \\\C$) using UNC (Universal Naming convention). But now you can't use IPV6 to do this because Windows treats the colon in the IPV6 address as if it were a drive letter.
To solve this problem, Microsoft has created a special domain for IPV6 address translation, and if you use a IPV6 address in a UNC path, you must use a dash instead of a colon and add a. suffix to the end of the address, such as fe80-ab00–
IPv6 Address naming method for UNC paths
If you specify a text IPv6 address in the UNC path, follow these steps:

    • Use the Dash "-" character to replace any colon ":" characters.
    • Append the text "." to the IP address.

For example, if the computer's IPV6 address is 2001:db8:2a:1005:230:48ff:fe73:989d, the URI that points to the file share path on that computer is named:


Where <sharename> is the name of the file share on the target computer.
Note: Make sure that the user account that is used to run the file send and receive handlers for the host instance has the appropriate permissions for the file share.
use IPV6 range identifiers for HTTP adapters, etc.
HTTP send and receive adapters and SOAP send adapter requirements: If a range identifier is used in an IPV6 address, the range identifier must be escaped using escape code%25. For example, Fe80::550c:489f:e65e:aef3%8 is a valid IPV6 address that contains a range identifier (%8). To use this IPv6 address with an HTTP send and receive adapter or a SOAP send adapter, you must escape the range identifier as follows:


Adapter URI naming method for text IPV6 addresses

    • To use the text IPV6 address for the adapter URI, enclose the IP address with the parentheses "[", "]". For example, a URI with an IPv6 address of 2001:db8:2a:1005:230:48ff:fe73:989d should be named:
      Note: Using the text IPV6 address for adapter URIs should follow the guidelines established in RFC2732.
    • If you specify a text IPV6 address as the server name for the POP3 receive adapter, the SMTP send adapter, or the SQL send and receive adapter, the IPV6 address is not enclosed in square brackets.

using IPV6 addresses in UNC (universal Naming Convention) paths and URLs
Although you should typically rely on DNS names, you can also embed IPV6 addresses in a UNC path or in a URL with a slight conversion. To use a IPV6 address as part of a UNC path (for example, \server\share), change the colon to a hyphen and attach the. For example, to specify a C $ share for a computer with a IPv6 address of 2001:db8::85b:3c51:f5ff:ffdb, you can use a UNC path:


To specify a zone ID, replace the symbol% with S.
In this case, the IP address 2001:db8::85b:3c51:f5ff:ffdb%4 in the UNC path becomes:


To use this technique on a computer that is running Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, you can follow the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 281308 ( 281308) in the steps to add the name to the server.
Put the IPV6 address in brackets to embed it in the URL: for example, http://[2001:db8::85b:3c51:f5ff:ffdb]/, the brackets are required, so you can specify a port number as part of the URL. For example, the URL http://[2001:db8::85b:3c51:f5ff:ffdb]:81/will be connected to port 81 on the same IPV6 IP address.

Using IPV6 addresses in UNC (universal Naming Convention) paths and URLs

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