Using ISA firewall to establish VPN server and dial-in of extranet VPN user

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VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual private network, it is simply to use public network link to erect private network, it belongs to remote access technology.

VPN server in the current network application is more and more extensive, today I come to you for a brief introduction of the VPN server configuration and users use VPN to achieve VPN dial-in. There are also more than one authentication method for VPN, which is combined with radius verification, which combines smart card and certificate authentication. Today we will introduce you how to use ISA2006 to build a VPN server of your own. And the Basic authentication method of the VPN user.

The experimental topology is as follows, Beijing is the domain controller of intranet domain, DNS server, Shanghai is ISA2006 server, Tianjin to simulate the client of extranet. Note: ISA Server is to be added to the domain.

First, create the user and open the user's "Allow access"

First we'll create a user, a user that will use the VPN dial-in. Open Active Directory Users and Computers for a domain controller let's create a new user named Zhangsan!

Enter the user password. Change the Password property to "Password never expires"

After the user has created the following figure, we right-click the user to select "Properties"

Switch to the Dial-in tab, select Allow Access

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