Using JSONP to troubleshoot cross-domain issues-code examples

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The previous time with Jsonp solved cross-domain problem, now no, put the code thought down, in the future may also be used.

JS Code

Query announcement Data

function Recentpost () {
$.getjson (cmsurl+ "/post/recentpost.json?jsoncallback=", {Count:count,categoryid:categoryid}, function (data) {


JS code, is mainly the use of jquery Getjson method.

More descriptions, from jquery documentation.

Jquery.getjson (URL,[Data],[Callback]) Overview

The JSON data is loaded via an HTTP GET request.

In JQuery 1.2, you can load JSON data for other domains, such as "myurl?callback=?", by using a callback function in the form of JSONP. Will jQuery be replaced automatically? is the correct function name to execute the callback function. Note: The subsequent code of this line will be executed before this callback function executes.

Parameters Url,[data],[callback]String,map,function V1.0

URL: Send request address.

data: The Key/value parameter to be sent.

callback: The callback function when loading succeeds.


Load 4 new pictures of cats from the Flickr JSONP API.

HTML Code:
<div id="images"></div>
JQuery Code:
$.getJSON("", function(data){  $.each(data.items, function(i,item){    $("

Loads JSON data from Test.js and displays a name field data from the JSON data.

JQuery Code:
$.getJSON("test.js", function(json){  alert("JSON Data: " + json.users[3].name);});

Load JSON data from Test.js, append parameters, and display a name field data from the JSON data.

JQuery Code:
$.getJSON("test.js", { name: "John", time: "2pm" }, function(json){  alert("JSON Data: " + json.users[3].name);});

Java code

@RequestMapping (value = "Recentpost")
public void Recentpost (Integer CategoryID, String Jsoncallback,
Integer count, model model, httpservletresponse response) {
if (CategoryID = = null) {
CategoryID = Default_category;
list<post> list = Postservice.listrecent (CategoryID, Count);
Jsonobject json = new Jsonobject ();
Json.put ("list", list);
String str=json.tojsonstring ();
Model.addattribute ("callback", list);
String str = jsonobject.tojsonstring (list);
str = jsoncallback + "(" + str + ")";
Super.returnmessage (response, str);

Use the JSON library to send a string of JSONP format to the front end. Remember the function name jsoncallback this parameter.

Using JSONP to troubleshoot cross-domain issues-code examples

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