Using Lightroom to separate tones

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a post-production-focused graphics tool, and Adobe's goal is to make it a standard for future digital graphics processing, Lightroom's interface and functionality are similar to the aperture Apple launched in October 2005, Mainly for digital photography, graphic design professionals and high-end users, support a variety of raw images, mainly for digital photos browsing, editing, sorting, printing and so on.

Comparison of original film and Effect

It's a very handy software, and this time old J teaches you how to use Lightroom's separate tones to pull out the Leica's flavor.

Picture description

1, open a raw format file, click on the top right "modify photos."

Make exposure adjustments

Adjusted results

2, click on the right side of the toolbar "basic" for exposure adjustment.

4, tone separation (the most critical step). First click on the high light small square, set the high light tone.

Hue separation

Set High light tones


In fact, the feeling of this step has been very good, if necessary can stop here.

Sets the shadow hue, as shown in the figure.

Set Shadow Tint


5, adjust skin color, with HSL hue adjustment.

HSL Hue Adjustment


Click on the HSL adjustment button, move the mouse to the face, press and hold the left button up and down, adjust the color to rosy (tone separation, skin color will be affected).

That's it! The palette settings for each diagram can be preset to one pattern, and other pictures can be applied.

6, save the preset. Click "+" to create the complete.

Finish creating

7, apply a preset, open another picture.

Open another picture

Apply Presets

Click Leica M6 Preset

Re-tune the exposure to normal

The basic tone feeling has come out, just because the previous figure adjusted the exposure, preset mode also recorded the adjustment exposure, so this picture of the exposure also follow the previous diagram settings. As a result, the exposure can be adjusted again to normal.

Lightroom pretty good! The parameters in the basic adjustment are very comprehensive. Tonal separation is very convenient, different shades of high light shading settings can make different tone effects.

Different halftone effects

The HSL button is handy, more intuitive than the slider, and can be directly colored in a preset area on the picture. If you like, download a lightroom. Recommend the habit of using raw shooting. Both Canon and Nikon or Sigma, the original raw processing software is excellent (raw itself is hardware-based), this is the guarantee of high-quality pictures. PS is makeup, do not solve the problem of the quality of the film itself, the original raw processing is the true color. Especially in the sharpness adjustment will make you no longer want to use other software processing.

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