Using Linux for a diskless network today

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Today, I am using Linux as a diskless network-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application. Here is the details. Today, we are building a new diskless network that uses the provincial resource structure. Although the last diskless network was completed, there are still many shortcomings in resource utilization.

This time, the diskless server uses fedora8 and the client uses fedora8, which is different from the previous ubuntu. Therefore, some additional problems may occur. After installing the server system, install the tftpd service, after testing, the service can be used normally. The service is automatically activated upon request. The "-l" option is always in the listening state. The tftp service in fedora8 is ineffective and may cause problems. It can be used normally in ubuntu. After dhcp is installed, the configuration is not available. However, it is still being tested and the final configuration will be posted for future reference. When you test whether the client can obtain the IP address, tftp cannot find its root directory, which means that tftp cannot read pxelinux. cfg. Finally, I found the answer in the ubuntu Forum outside China. The next-server option in dhcp was required, but I didn't use it when configuring ubuntu. This option specifies the server location. The options include the DNS domain name and static IP address. Because I have not configured a DNS server, I gave the static domain name and finally started the client at the next test.

Now the problem occurs on the NFS service. When pxelinux finally mounts pxelinux. the directory specified by the configuration file in cfg is always failed. The system will first prompt "retrying nfs mount" and then report "device or resource busy". I think it may be because of repeated mount, this problem occurs only when the first mount fails. Test the pxelinux configuration to find that there is no problem, and modify the pxelinux. after the configuration file in cfg, I immediately encountered the expected error, but I cannot explain the error only after normal configuration. After a long update of the fedora server, the problem still cannot be solved, and the entire process is interrupted on the NFS service issue.
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