Using LR and PS water filter to build ancient costume portrait skills

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The picture itself shows the theme of the ancient costume. Later do not need too much processing, only need to add classical tone to the picture, the background part appropriate treatment soft, increase landscape painting background better. Other effects can be added as needed.


Final effect

1, Lightroom (hereinafter referred to as LR) color palette.

This LR a lot of people like to call him a digital darkroom, suitable for batch simple adjustment of color and light and shadow. As with the CS from the ACR is the same as the development of adobe, the basic function is similar. So the following LR palette steps are basically available in ACR. The overall color idea is to highlight the screen, face light, adjust the tone.

2, import PS in the color and screen fine-tuning.

Use automatic levels to adjust the screen permeability and to liquefy the model face where it is not perfect.

3, the color of harmony.

We observed that little white and greenie garments were found in the magenta, green and cyan these three kinds of colors, obviously xiaoqing body of cyan and blue saturation is higher than small white body magenta, that is, the first look at the time when the eyes are easily attracted by xiaoqing, dilute the small white is the main character positioning, So you need to adjust the saturation and lightness of the three colors. Note that each time you adjust a project, you need to work with the blind to restore the part that does not need to be adjusted.

  • PS Image Processing

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