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At present, the main plate has: online games to accelerate the game, dot cards, games must be, on-line customer service and the security of the game below we start from the login step-by-step demo!

Login Fast Tour

First you need to register to be a fast travel user, and then you can use your account and password to log on to the fast travel platform.

Online games accelerated

After successful login you can first see the fast speed interface, where you first need to click the "Select Game" button, and then select the game you want to play in the list.

Next you will need to set the area to be logged in so that we can automatically choose the most optimized speed-increasing program for you.

If you use game speech software such as "crooked" during the game, you can select it in speech acceleration, because fast travel can also support speech acceleration.

Click the "Start Acceleration" button, fast travel will begin to connect, when you see the image below the "successful connection" can run the game, at this time you can travel in the help of free play online games.

Other related services of Xun tour

The above is a tour of the "accelerated" service tutorial, next to introduce you to travel other convenient services.

Online game point card for you to provide the market mainstream games Recharge Point card, where we unified use of parity sales, point card 80 percent, if you are fast travel VIP or Travel international VIP users can also enjoy a lower discount.

Online games must be a very useful function, which provides you with a lot of practical game peripheral resources, but also for you to introduce the latest cool online.

If you have any questions about the function of the Yu Xun and the method of using it, you can get in touch with us conveniently and quickly through the "online customer service", our customer service staff will answer all kinds of questions for you in the first time.

For gamers, the personal virtual property is the most valuable asset in the game, so fast travel to provide you with the "online security" tool, so that you can in a virus-free environment without Trojans play games, gallop the rivers and lakes!

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