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Server yesterday said the use of remote SERVER, although easy to use, but only between the MSSQL
Use, what if you want to join SQL7 with SQL 6.5? or use SQL7 with Oracle or Sysbase.
What should I do then? This requires the use of the linked SERVER.

Today, let's talk about the method of using linked server between SQL7

First, add the target server's join in the Client Network Utility of the source server
Second, open Enterprise Manger, expand the security of the source server, in linked SERVERS
Right-click the new linked SERVER in the pop-up menu
Third, in the Linked Server Properties window, enter the target server name (the server name in the Client Network Utility) in the Linked server box, select SQL Server in the Server section, and in the server Options in terms of selected RPC and RPC out
Four, switch to security, according to the actual settings.
(I generally choose "THEY'll be mapped to" and enter the account number and password)
V. Click OK to complete Setup

What needs to be explained is that it is a bit different from remote server when used, and remote server can
Omitting catalog (DBO), but not omitted when using linked server, when I was trying to delay a lot of time because of this problem.

Above tested successfully between WIN98+SQL7 desktop and NT4+SP5+SQL7

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