Using MVC5 + EF6 + WebApi for a small function (2) Sort project requirements, mvc5ef6

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Using MVC5 + EF6 + WebApi for a small function (2) Sort project requirements, mvc5ef6

Before a project starts, demand sorting accounts for 15% or even 30% of the entire project cycle. It can be said that the clearer the demand, the lower the chance of rework in subsequent development. In a project, the effort to develop new functions is far less than the effort to modify the functions. This is basically a consensus. The ancestor said that it was not unreasonable to make a decision and move on later.

During Normal project development, business activities, demand research, and demand disclosure are included in the early stage.

Business Activities

Generally, pre-sales personnel are responsible for understanding customer needs, collecting customer visions, and business negotiation. I personally think that we should do the following work well at this stage. Forgive me for not doing any business work, it limits my imagination:

  • Understand customer needs and collect customer application scenarios
  • Business Negotiation, preliminary confirmation of cooperation, if the cooperation confirms the nature of cooperation, such as a test project or a profit project, etc.
  • Communicates with the product manager or project manager about resources to complete the project.
  • And so on, because of the nature of the company.
Demand Research

Generally, after business contact, the Project Manager or product manager is involved to make a detailed plan with the customer contact based on the Content learned in the early stage.

  • Provide a detailed understanding of customer scenarios and determine the project development model scale.
  • Provide a detailed understanding of customer requirements, and sort out the functions of project details.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of the customer's business, provides reasonable suggestions for unreasonable demands, and provides feedback to the customer to help the customer improve the business.
  • Produce requirements summary, prototypes, and other documents, confirmed by business delivery customers
  • Generate the final development scheme, evaluate work hours and other information, and make quote for business

It can be said that demand research is the key to the success of the entire project.If the customer takes the lead, the functions may be difficult to implement during the project development process. If the customer takes the lead, the customer's business may not be able to carry out after the product is launched, it doesn't matter if the project is reworked (of course, it does not matter if the project is abandoned after the money is paid, but it is very hard for the project manager to make a waste product !).

At the same time, the project manager is a bridge between the past and the future. The customer's business needs are transformed into basic implementation solutions, which can communicate with the customer and developers, establish projects, submit requirements, schedule projects, and supervise projects, stage acceptance, test delivery, etc., throughout the entire project process. As the saying goes, a soldier bears a nest. The project manager is a general manager. The success or failure of the project is the same, so be cautious!

Some project managers (of course, the division of labor is not very clear in the big environment) such as the following scenarios,

Customer: I want to create a mall

Project Manager (Product Manager ):......

Day 2

Project Manager (for customers): one month at most, we can do it in two months. What do you think?

Customer: Our mall should be able to join, B2B and B2C

Project Manager: Well ......

Day 3

Project Manager: We are right. This may be a little troublesome. It may take three months.

Customer: we also want to associate the public account, and then ......

Project Manager: Oh, I want to consult our technical support and give you a reply ......

Day 3:

Project Manager: can do

Customer :......

It is estimated that the customer's heart finally collapsed ~, Can't you say a few more words to your uncle? You can't ask why, either? You don't want to ask what the Lord wants? If ye wants to build a pyramid scheme, do you dare to do it?

I have summarized two points for customers.

First, win-win cooperation (we all need to work together to do a good job of the project, it is good, the customer has performance and performance, we have money to take)

Second, you are not humble (sometimes it is difficult to do it. When you encounter a wealth of wealth, a pair of momentum that takes money to kill you, but come back and think that I will not eat your meal, you have nothing to do with me in the ox, it's hard to dig a hole)

Demand Disclosure

At this stage, the customer can basically rest and be changed to the Project Manager (if possible, it can be better to avoid deviation, but usually few customers participate. The first customer is not a professional developer, the second customer is very busy.) connect with the project members and chew on what the customer heard and feed it to the developers.

  • Project kickoff meeting: it outlines the significance, value, and something of the project. In other words, it is necessary to hold up the banner of the Qing Dynasty, and tell everyone that as long as the project is successful, there will be food, drinks, and women ~
  • Definition of members: Who is doing what? Don't wait for the project to begin. The Pioneer officer is not there yet, the logistics is not in place, and you still have a fart. Wash your bed
  • Requirement briefing: the project manager will give a lecture on customer scenarios, customer requirements, and what each module is doing, and ensure that the project members can understand the requirements. This is very important. The customer has many terms and must remember to translate them to project members.The well frog cannot speak in the sea, or even in the virtual space; the summer worm cannot speak in the ice, and sometimes;
  • Reverse Demand Disclosure: The project module's related personnel (development, testing, and so on) will explain the module functions, and the Project Manager will confirm them to avoid the development staff's deviation.

The Demand Disclosure and reverse disclosure depend on the situation. The more participants, the more careful the work.


The above work is not necessarily linear and may be asynchronous. In addition, the project support, personnel coordination, and development resource coordination should be completed within the enterprise, the project manager should prepare for the preliminary project establishment, source code management, project management, bug feedback management, and so on.


The above can be omitted. The text below is as follows:

Our project requirements are as follows:


I am the only one in the project team.

You can you up


I like to use a mind map to sort out the branches and forks of a project, which is convenient and easy to miss, but there are also many shortcomings, such as limited presentation content and many additional remarks, not visible to others during presentation.

Therefore, it is better to use mind maps with prototype tools.

Function: The project focuses on "Examination System Management", and the planned functions are basically implemented. I won't develop Native mobile phones on the mobile end here, but it may be angular or vue. They haven't done any projects yet, so they may only provide APIs instead of mobile terminals.

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