Using Nginx+nginx-rtmp-module+ffmpeg to build a streaming server note (vi)

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Sixth part

The problem with Nginx startup that has been ported to the ARM Development board a few days ago is not seen when booting on the arm Development Board

Nginx: [Emerg] Getgrnam ("Nogroup") failed (2:no such file or directory)

is to appear

Using commands

ADB shell chmod 755/sdcard/mynginx/sbin/nginx

Modify permissions do not change, modify permissions are unsuccessful.

is always running unsuccessfully.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ isolated ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today, with the help of a mentor, push the cross-compiled Nginx folder into the/data/misc/directory instead of/sdcard/mynginx/

ADB push/sdcard/nginx/  /data/misc/nginx/

Rerun, or an error occurred

Nginx: [Emerg] Getgrnam ("Nogroup") failed (2:no such file or directory)

And then modify the Nginx.conf file, the first line of the

#user  Nobody;

Remove the comment and change it to

User  nobody;

Then, modify the Run command and execute it under the/data/misc/nginx/sbin/directory.

./nginx-  P  /data/misc/nginx-  c  conf/nginx.conf

Run successfully.

Using commands


You can view the running items:

Root      2743  1     1328   456   c003f614 4002be64 S nginxnobody   2745 2743 1528 664 C00d8ad4 4002b7a4 S nginxroot      2748  2708  956    332   00000000 40095448 R PS

Description Nginx runs successfully.

Open Browser input on the Development Board


The reality of the following page

Nginx runs successfully.

Using commands

Killall Nginx

Kill the Nginx process.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ isolated ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In summary, the command to run Nginx on the SDcard or tfcard of the Development Board does not have permission to change to the/data/directory.

The default Nginx successfully ported, the next step for Nginx add rtmp module.

Using Nginx+nginx-rtmp-module+ffmpeg to build a streaming server note (vi)

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