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Powerbuilder Data window (DataWindow) is one of its great achievements. Use it to produce a variety of different types of reports. And the connection to various databases is also quite convenient.

But there are always imperfections in all things. When you have finished a beautiful report, sometimes the customer may propose some

formatting changes, like converting from one format to another (from tabular to grid, for example). This time,

you may have a headache, a DataWindow spent 3 hours, and another 3 hours if you do it again.

PowerBuilder itself does not provide this conversion ... ah, poor!

don't worry, there is a way, below provides a method to convert a data window from tabular format to grid format, only need 1 minutes!


has a ready-made tabular type of DataWindow (D_test_init)

found it in the library, right click on export


into a text file (D_TEST_INIT.SRD)


Open it (you can use Notepad, or you can powerbuilder the Edit tool provided.)

Wonderful World is in sight!


the high brightness part to processing=1

then save the disk.


again find the library where d_test_init is stored. Right-click Import ...


Choose the SRD file that you just filed. Then import it in.


open it again, the Data window becomes the grid type!




above is just a small example, in fact, through the direct operation of SRD files, you can quickly complete a lot of difficult work, you can even modify the SQL. By mastering its specific content, you can go deep into PowerBuilder's interior to find out.


good, let's get moving now!


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