Using open-source software to build a WebGIS system (3) Tools Overview

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Become a bookboy. Everything is under control ......

After running the demo successfully, you will naturally be excited. Everything is under control. All the things used are open-source and free. The most important thing is that they are easy to use and work together with commercial software! In the previous article, I showed the geoserver management interface, which is very easy to use. Here we will show you the main tools and software used. Alas, open source has finally become a climate.

(1) My lovely elephant.

PostgreSQL's logo is an elephant, so it's ambitious. PostgreSQL is an open-source database with nearly 30 years of history. Its goal is to fight oracle. Of course, it may not be as powerful as Oracle, but it already has enough commercial strength, supports terabytes of data. However, PostgreSQL version 8.0 is only available for Windows, and its Windows version is not powerful enough. Development is sufficient. The main reason why PostgreSQL is selected is that it has postgis, which can be used as a spatial database. There are several spatial indexes to choose from. PostgreSQL has a graphical management interface, which is easier to use than ms SQL Server 2000, but better than ms SQL Server 7.0. The interface is as follows:

It looks great. We can also see that PostgreSQL is exceptionally powerful.

(2) Jump! Jump! Jump!

Jump is excellent and fresh. The SHP dataset can be loaded. You can also install plug-ins to load other datasets. Interface:

(3) collect the light of the sun

At my current level, I dare not use PostgreSQL/postgisCode. However, that pile of Java code can still be moved to increase the features I need. Key Software:

Geoapi (OpenGIS official gis api)





(4) UML tools

To read the code frequently, you must have a UML tool to normalize the code. There is no money to use rose, together, and Visio. Argouml cannot draw sequence diagrams. After a day of hard work, I finally found a good free UML software called Jude. The size is only 2 MB! Complete Functions! Beautiful interface! Easy to use!

The above are the main tools used. Set up the job line.

I'm really impressed with the development of technology. Now I have a completely free commercial software-level tool.

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